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​OhioHealth Stroke Network

Immediate Access to Advanced Stroke Technology and Therapies Wherever You Are

The OhioHealth Stroke Network uses advanced, virtual health technology to connect emergency teams at partnering hospitals with OhioHealth stroke specialists. A patient requiring additional medical attention may be transferred to at an OhioHealth Comprehensive Stroke Center or Primary Stroke Center. This partnership ensures communities across Ohio have direct and complete access to advanced technology and critical care therapies unmatched by any other hospital network in central Ohio.


How the Stroke Network Works

Expert Evaluation
When a stroke patient is identified at a partner hospital, the stroke network is activated and an on-call stroke specialist from an OhioHealth hospital is available within minutes.
Once the initial screening of the patient has occurred and the OhioHealth on-call stroke specialist is notified, innovative, cloud-based, virtual health technology is used to evaluate the patient. The OhioHealth stroke specialist can log on from anywhere to connect with the regional care team, view the patient, interview the family and see the patient’s brain scans by way of innovative InTouch Health technology in the regional Emergency Department.
Plan of Care
Once initial exams and tests are completed, the decision will be made to have the patient remain at the partner hospital or to transfer the patient to an OhioHealth-certified stroke center. Either way, there is a team of experts — the OhioHealth Stroke Network — always on call.

OhioHealth Stroke Network — Our partner hospitals

The OhioHealth Stroke Network maximizes efficiency in stroke care while minimizing transfer of a stroke patient to another hospital for advanced care unless it’s absolutely needed.


Comprehensive Stroke Center


Primary Stroke Centers


OhioHealth Stroke Network Partners