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Support for Stroke Patients

OhioHealth provides excellent stroke care beyond hospital stays and outpatient appointments.

We help stroke patients and their families through the recovery process by offering classes, support groups and local events that bring our community together.

Support Groups for Stroke Survivors

Stroke Survivor Support Group (SWAT)
A support group for stroke survivors and their caregivers.
Young Adult Stroke Support Group
An education and support program for stroke survivors age 18 to 60, and their families.

To find out which stroke support groups may be available in your community, contact


Classes for Stroke Survivors

Art Therapy - Brain and Stroke Rehabilitation
Led by an art therapist, the class enhances rehabilitation goals by encouraging creativity.
Communication Group
Facilitated by a licensed speech therapist this group focuses on patients with aphasia, apraxia, and other deficits.
Hope After Stroke
A focus on stroke education, risk factors and community resources led by an RN and neuroscience social worker.

Connecting You to The American Stroke Association

Our dedicated neuroscience nurse and licensed social worker at The Dempsey Family Education and Resource Center help connect stroke survivors to programs and supportive services through The American Heart Association / The American Stroke Association.

Community Events

OhioHealth participates in a variety of community events for our stroke survivors such as The American Heart Association’s Central Ohio Heart Walk. OhioHealth also sponsors Stroke Camp, a weekend for stroke survivors and their families to relax, celebrate and collaborate.

To get connected to our support groups, classes, events and more, contact or 

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