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Genetic Counseling and Cancer Risk Assessments

The OhioHealth Genetic Counseling Program

When several family members experience the same or related medical condition, there’s an increased likelihood that the condition is inherited. The only way to know for sure is through a cancer risk assessment with a genetic counselor.

The OhioHealth Genetic Counseling Program provides a comprehensive and informative risk assessment to help identify if a disease in your family is hereditary and to help you and your physician make choices for your best ongoing care. 

The goal of genetic counseling is to help you and your family understand:

  • The likelihood that you and/or your family member’s history of cancer is hereditary
  • Whether or not genetic testing would be helpful for you and/or your family
  • How your family history and/or genetic test results may change your cancer screening and risk reduction options.

Your Genetic Counseling Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please complete a medical and family history questionnaire.

We will call you to schedule your appointment after your history information is submitted. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (614) 788.4640.

Genetic testing is a choice. If you proceed with genetic testing, we will assist with the lab work and processing.

Following your appointment, we send you and your referring physician a detailed letter that summarizes the information discussed, including results and recommendations. At your request, we will send a copy of this letter to other physicians or family members.

OhioHealth offers genetic counseling and testing in Columbus, Marion, Delaware and Mansfield, Ohio. Patients can also meet with a genetic counselor virtually in Athens, Circleville and Portsmouth, Ohio.