About OhioHealth

Appalachian Healthy Living Task Force
The Appalachia Cancer Research Initiative was established to address the disproportionately high cancer rates found in the Appalachian region of state. Over 1/3 of Ohio's counties (32) are designated by the federal government as Appalachian, and research projects are currently directed at identifying cancer health disparities and developing effective interventions to achieve health equity.
Project Contact: Dr. Melissa Thomas (614) 566-5206

Geriatric Medical Assessments
Provides geriatric medical consultation for older adults and also consultations for Somali refugees who are unable to complete the U.S. citizenship process due to documented cognitive changes.
Contact: Riverside's Gerlach Center for Senior Health (614) 566-5858

Grady Memorial Hospital offers education to women in Delaware County on the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer. This includes a free screening mammogram program for uninsured eligible women and a variety of support to women diagnosed with breast cancer (funded by a grant from the Columbus affiliate of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure).
Contact: Susie Miller (740) 615-2403

Proyecto Cáncer del Seno en Latinas: The Latina Breast Cancer Project
Connects Latina women to breast cancer screening services through community educational programs and a breast health hotline staffed by a culturally competent bilingual coordinator dedicated to answering questions about breast health issues. By increasing knowledge of breast cancer and breast cancer screening and providing a one-stop hotline service for addressing questions and concerns, the project aims to increase screening in a population that has more than doubled in the 1990s in Franklin County. This initiative marks the only culturally competent Latina breast health education program in central Ohio dedicated solely to Latina women.
Project contact: Dr. Melissa Thomas (614) 566-5206
Hotline: Adriana de la Peña (614) 566-3957

Project Hoffnung: The Amish & Mennonite Breast Health Project
Project Hoffnung, or Hope, was created in 1997 to help provide cancer outreach programs to Amish and Mennonite communities. Named in reference to the old English definition of hope itself, which is trust, Project Hoffnung identifies with the common language of many Amish and Mennonite communities to provide a bridge between the respected beliefs of these cultures and modern advances in breast cancer care. Project Hoffnung serves the entire state of Ohio in delivering culturally competent breast health information, free women's health screenings, and the support needed for any follow-up. In short, the mission of Project Hoffnung is to prevent the unnecessary death of Amish & Mennonite women from breast cancer.
Project contact: Dr. Melissa Thomas (877) 463-3686 (877-HOFFNUNG)

RMB Mission Support
Provides medications and supplies for missions to underprivileged patients in foreign countries, including Mexico, Honduras, South Africa and Haiti.
Contact: Becky Jones (614) 566-5908

Sexual Assault Response Network of Ohio
SARNCO is the sexual violence intervention and prevention program for central Ohio, providing advocacy and crisis intervention via the 24-Hour Rape Helpline (614-267-7020) and in local hospital emergency departments, and prevention education and outreach in the community.
Contact: Heather Herron-Murphy (614) 566-4770