Prepare for Your Visit

Patient and Visitor Guides for Our Hospitals

These guides will help you and your family prepare and be informed for a hospital stay.

Inside OhioHealth patient and visitor guides, you'll find visiting hours, instructions for nearby parking lots, hospital conveniences and even more helpful information.

Guides by OhioHealth Hospital

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Tobacco-Free Environment

To provide a healthy environment for our patients, visitors and employees, OhioHealth is a tobacco-free environment. Tobacco use (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted inside or outside any OhioHealth property.

Security at OhioHealth

Security officers are on duty at all times to help you with safety and security concerns. Weapons (including firearms) are prohibited on OhioHealth property.

Armbands for Identifying Medical Risks

While staying at the hospital, patients wear armbands of different colors.  These are used to allow our caregivers to quickly identify specific medical risks.

  • Patient ID: White
  • Allergy: Red
  • DNR Comfort Care: Purple
  • Fall Risk: Yellow
  • Extremity Not to Be Used: Orange
  • No Blood or Blood Products: White with red lettering
  • Obstructive Apnea Risk: Blue
  • Difficult Airway: Kelly green
  • Blood Product: Mint green (Mansfield and Shelby Hospitals only)