The Anticoagulation Clinic (Coumadin Clinic) at The McConnell Center in Columbus, Ohio, provides comprehensive patient management, monitoring and instruction related to anticoagulation therapy. 

Information from each visit, including INR, patient assessment and regimen changes are sent via fax to the referring physician the same day.

Outpatient anticoagulation programs have been shown to provide more precise control of anticoagulation.  When enrolled, you can expect improved outcomes, with fewer problems from either inadequate or excessive anticoagulation.

Physician referral and consult agreement

This service requires a physician referral and consult agreement:

  • Standard referral forms are available in the clinic.
  • Referral may be telephoned in (a blank consult agreement will be faxed to referring physician's office for signature).
  • Consult agreement must include your name, date of birth, telephone number, diagnosis for anticoagulation, duration of therapy and physician signature. 
  • Consult agreement can be faxed to the clinic at (614)566-6806.

Patient visits

Following receipt of your written patient consult agreement, McConnell Center staff will contact you to schedule a clinic appointment. Patients are seen by appointment only. 

Initial appointment

  • You will see the Anticoagulation Clinic provider for teaching and INR determination.
  • medical and family history will be reviewed
  • goals for anticoagulation therapy set
  • warfarin and/or LMWH teaching reviewed
  • written teaching materials will be offered
  • INR range and duration of anticoagulation will be addressed

Follow-up appointment
You will see the clinic provider for routine follow-up visits. Providers are nurses or pharmacists who have had specific training in Anticoagulation Management.

During these visits, the provider will review/assess your anticoagulation therapy by performing the following:

  • Provide educational material and instruction on use of warfarin or LMWH
  • Review with you your patient history, lab, diagnosis, medical conditions and other medications
  • Document relevant medical, social, and lifestyle history
  • Review with you your laboratory results and specific anticoagulation goals
  • Review current medication, both prescription and OTC for possible drug interactions
  • Provide anticoagulant medication instruction, both written and verbal
  • Adjust anticoagulant medication following physician standing orders
  • Consult with you in case of any unusual bleeding or bruising and notify the directly supervising physician and/or the referring physician/primary care physician
  • Recommend appropriate follow up appointment for scheduling

Telephone management
If you are temporarily unable to utilize our on-site Anticoagulation Services and choose to utilize an outpatient laboratory for your INR blood test, we will provide telephone management for six weeks.

Circumstances when this could occur include: 

  • when the services of a visiting nurse are required for a predicted 3 months or less
  • if you are traveling  

If you have a visiting nurse or are unable to come to the clinic past 3 months, you will be transferred back to the care of your primary care physician. You can return to McConnell's Anticoagulation program when you're able.

After 6 weeks, you will be scheduled for a clinic visit monthly at a minimum.

If you are away more than 6 weeks due to a secondary residence, you must transfer to another anticoagulation management service while away.

  • We will provide documentation of dosing and requested medical records. 
  • Upon return you will be rescheduled for an appointment or physician 3-month followup as appropriate.

Those ineligible for telephone management include patients who are permanently homebound and patients who are homebound more than 3 months. Hospice patients will be transferred to the care of their primary care physician. 

Prescription refills

Prescription refills will be provided by the supervising physician for warfarin and/or LMWH continuation.
You must have had INR test/visit within previous 4 weeks in order to have prescription continued.