For Heart Attack Survival, Timing is Critical

The sooner heart attack treatment begins, the greater the chance heart muscle can be saved.

We provide the most advanced emergency heart attack care to patients 24/7.

OhioHealth has the heart and vascular locations, surgical experts and equipment to open blocked arteries and save heart muscle. We employ a standardized system for heart-attack care throughout our system of hospitals in Ohio. That means no matter where you are treated, you will receive the same high level and quality of care. 

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OhioHealth interventional cardiologists have decades of experience treating heart emergencies, with specialized teams at the ready using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to surgically remove clots and save as much of your heart’s function as possible.

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Heart Attack Symptoms and Risk Factors

Manage your heart health by being aware of your risk factors and knowing the signs and symptoms of heart attack.

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Exceeding National Treatment Response Standards

OhioHealth emergency alert system for STEMI patients has dramatically reduced time to treatment for thousands of people and has saved lives.

The most serious type of heart attack is known as STEMI, short for ST-elevation myocardial infarction. Almost 400,000 people suffer from a STEMI heart attack each year. 

We treat patients as quickly as possible once they arrive at our care sites by being prepared before they arrive. Our STEMI alert system notifies our physicians, nurses and other personnel about incoming heart attack victims, while the patients are en route to the hospital. This ensures the catheterization lab is activated to treat the patient as soon as he or she reaches us. This creates a seamless flow of treatment and provides the best outcomes for heart attack patients.

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Excellent Care That Continues Through Recovery

We work diligently to make sure patients survive heart attacks, but our efforts don't end there.

OhioHealth has comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programs to help patients recover from heart attacks and get back to their lives. Our services include diet, exercise and tobacco cessation programs, medical weight management, lipid and anticoagulation clinics and support groups. Our cardiac rehabilitation programs can help you strengthen your heart and minimize your chance of having a second heart emergency.

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