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OhioHealth’s vision and values celebrate the diversity of its people and community. Diversity is at the core of our everyday actions. We are committed to demonstrating mindful and responsible sourcing by consistently practicing inclusive behavior when making all procurement decisions. We believe that Supplier Diversity is a fundamental business practice and we are committed to identifying opportunities and increasing the participation of diverse, small and local businesses in our supply chain.

OhioHealth’s Supplier Diversity Program works to establish, develop and maintain business relationships with qualified suppliers that positively impact patient care, community relations and social economics in the communities we serve.

Tier II supplier diversity initiative

OhioHealth’s Tier II initiative is designed to foster the inclusion of small and diverse businesses enterprises throughout our supply chain.

At OhioHealth, we are committed to creating new opportunities for diverse businesses to join us in improving the health of our communities.

We are creating a positive economic impact by making responsible sourcing decisions in the communities we serve. By keeping our core values like inclusion at the forefront, we are able to expand new and trusted relationships within Supplier Diversity.

Mandie DeWine
Supplier Diversity Manager, OhioHealth


“We need to redefine what it means for a community and for individuals to be prosperous. We have to work harder and make sure that happens. We can’t stand on the sideline anymore.”

Stephen Markovich, MD
President and CEO, OhioHealth

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For general questions, comments or feedback you can contact us via email at SupplierDiversity@OhioHealth.com

COVID -19 guidelines for suppliers

To protect patient safety and confidentiality, supplier representatives must adhere to all OhioHealth credentialing requirements.