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Approved Suppliers

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Review the requirements for newly approved suppliers and the standard processes for all approved existing suppliers.

Approved supplier setup forms

Please complete the required forms below if you received a URL registration link from OhioHealth OR are an approved supplier that needs to update information.

Vendormate credentialing

Effective April 14, all supplier representatives who are registered in Vendormate and are present in Operating Rooms (OR), and other procedural patient care areas are REQUIRED to upload proof of vaccination or company approved exemption to gain access into our facilities.

To protect patient safety and confidentiality, supplier representatives must adhere to all OhioHealth credentialing requirements. All suppliers must register in Vendormate, OhioHealth’s supplier credentialing system.

  • Supplier representatives who fail to provide the appropriate documentation through Vendormate are not permitted to visit any patient care area until requirements are up to date.
  • All suppliers providing goods and services within OhioHealth patient care areas must maintain appropriate credentials specific to competency and preventive health.

After registration and verification of all appropriate documentation, supplier representatives visiting patient care areas will be eligible for an identification badge or visitor’s badge.

  • Representatives must sign in at a kiosk upon arrival to print out a badge.
  • Badges should be worn for the duration of the visit at the facility.
  • Representatives must sign out when departing.

Request to be added to the OhioHealth Home Care and Hospice Agency Listing Request.

Invoice instructions

Invoices must be submitted electronically to the OhioHealth Accounts Payable automated mail-agent at Invoices@OhioHealth.com for payment.

For general inquires, contact OHAccountsPayable@OhioHealth.com.

  • Attach the invoice as a PDF or similar file type. Please do not submit a Word document.
  • Include only one invoice per attachment; multi-page invoices must be sent as a single attachment.
  • Must include the word “Invoice” on the actual invoice document.
  • Must include a unique Invoice number for each invoice submitted. We recommend using the format “INVOICE: XXXXXX.”
  • Must include invoice date.
  • Must include the PO number provided by your OhioHealth business partner. This number must be in the format “PO-XXXXXXXX.”
  • Please include your company name, address and total remit amount on your invoice.
  • Invoices submitted to any email address, departments or contact other than Invoices@OhioHealth.com will delay payment.

For general information or questions, contact us at OHProcurement@OhioHealth.com

Procurement of goods and services

  • Purchase orders (PO’s) are the only approved methods OhioHealth uses for the commitment to procure goods and services. Providing goods and services without a valid OhioHealth purchase order puts your company at risk for nonpayment.   
  • PO numbers must appear on all shipments, packing lists and invoices.
  • Engaging in services or providing goods without a valid OhioHealth PO number is against policy and will result in delayed or no payment.
  • Upon completion of internal approvals, a PO will be issued to the supplier via email, EDI, or as specified on the Supplier Information Form. Exception: “Open” PO numbers will be verbally communicated, rather than issued.
  • OhioHealth standard terms and conditions apply to all goods and services procured by OhioHealth unless superseded by a pre-existing contract between OhioHealth and the supplier.
  • OhioHealth only pays for materials and services specified on the PO. OhioHealth does not pay for goods shipped in excess of the specified quantity or for work that is not specified on the PO.
  • Supply Chain Services must approve changes to specifications (quantity, price, delivery, and scope of work, etc.) via an approved PO change order or contract amendment. The OhioHealth department associates who initiated the PO for the supplier should be the primary contact for any questions and can provide PO information if needed.

For general information or questions, contact us at OHProcurement@OhioHealth.com

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

  • Packing Slips/Invoices: OhioHealth's complete PO number, including the prefix (PO-XXXXXXXXX) must appear on all invoices, packing slips, and each box included in the shipment. If the PO includes any capital assets, please provide serial numbers on copies of the invoice. We will not pay late charges.
  • Shipping Information: If shipping charges contractually apply, ship Bill 3rd Party via FedEx account # 968786733, FOB Destination. If combined shipping weight exceeds 150lbs, call OptiFreight (888-457-5851) for carrier instructions prior to shipping. Insert our PO# in recipient 2nd address field.
  • Acknowledgements: Confirm applicable price changes, backorders, substitutions, and discontinuations to OHProcurement@OhioHealth.com
  • Terms and Conditions: Unless otherwise expressly provided in this Purchase Order, and then only to the extent specifically provided, the terms of the Master Agreement shall control in the event of a conflict between the terms of the Master Agreement and this Purchase Order.


OhioHealth uses distributors and direct vendor shipments for supply deliveries at hospitals and ambulatory care sites. Review our logistics requirements.

Shipping requirements

OhioHealth uses a freight management program for ground and air shipments.

  • All shipments requested by care sites should be shipped third-party billing via Federal Express, with the OhioHealth account number and FOB (freight on board) Destination. Please contact Supply Chain Services for account number information.
  • All orders placed by care sites should be shipped best way and be FOB Destination with no handling, shipping or loaner fees charged, unless otherwise previously agreed to.
  • Suppliers may be asked to comply with a dock appointment schedule. Once a schedule has been established, a supplier is expected to contact the dock in advance of any deviation from the assigned schedule, or to request a new appointment time.
Packing slips
  • All packing slips must contain:
    • Purchase order number
    • Company product catalog number (if applicable)
    • Packing slip number
    • Quantity
    • Unit of measure
    • Freight carrier (if applicable)
  • Packing slips must be affixed to the outside of shipment boxes.
  • Line item sequence must match the purchase order line sequence.
  • Suppliers must also include the lot, serial, item, and catalog number for all goods subject to, or potentially subject to, the Safe Medical Devices Act.
  • Care sites shall control the disposition of faulty goods.
  • In addition, suppliers must include the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets with any chemicals and hazardous materials.
Delivery requirements

Specific shipping and delivery instructions are found on each purchase order. Holiday hours may vary. The correct OhioHealth purchase order number must be included on the:

  • Packing slip
  • Carton
  • Address label

COVID -19 guidelines for suppliers

To protect patient safety and confidentiality, supplier representatives must adhere to all OhioHealth credentialing requirements.