COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

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Supply Donations and Financial Support

What We Need and How to Donate

This page contains guidelines for ear relief items, blood plasma donation, food restrictions and financial support recommendations.

We encourage anyone wishing to support our associates to make a financial gift to the OhioHealth Associate Emergency Assistance Fund, or the Greatest Need fund for a specific care site, through the OhioHealth Foundation.

Please direct inquiries for any donations, including financial support, to

Hand-Sewn Headband and 3D Printed "Ear Saver" Donations

OhioHealth is thankful for the support the community has shown during this difficult time, especially through the donation of homemade items such as masks and headbands. While we now have plenty of hand-sewn masks, we still need "ear relief" items.

Wearing a mask is important for our clinical staff, but it can also be a pain – literally. Mask bands that connect behind the ears can rub and irritate the ears. 3D printed ear savers and headbands with properly placed buttons provide a proper fit without the pain and make masks more comfortable for long-term wear.

If you are interested in making and supplying headbands with buttons placed just above each ear, please follow these instructions, using either the pattern for a wider headband (4-5’’) or a narrow headband (1.5-2.5’’). 

If you are interested in making 3D printed "ear savers", please use these printing files. Ear savers can be printed on either PLA or PETG. We are hoping to provide these to our staff at each OhioHealth care site. 

Contact for delivery information.

Donate Plasma for COVID-19 Patients

OhioHealth is proud to be part of a program that’s examining what could be a promising investigational treatment for COVID-19 patients.

The idea is to use blood plasma donated from people who have recovered from COVID-19, and then that plasma is transfused to someone currently sick with the disease to help their battle.

How to help

  • To be eligible to donate, a person must have had a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, but is now symptom-free for at least 14 days and fully recovered.
  • The first step for interested donors is to register here through the American Red Cross.
  • If they meet criteria, they will be contacted by the American Red Cross to confirm they have met qualifications to become a convalescent plasma donor and will be scheduled for a donation.
  • Donating blood plasma is similar to donating blood.
  • Just one collected donation will yield three doses of antibodies. So, even one donor is immediately valuable.

What you can do

  • If you or someone you know has had COVID-19, please encourage them to consider donating.
  • For more information, see The American Red Cross website for frequently asked questions.

Restriction on Food Donations

The continuing COVID-19 crisis in Ohio has led to a well-deserved outpouring of support for our medical professionals. But, in order to protect their safety, we have made changes to the types of donations we can accept, and have suggestions for how grateful community members can show their support.

To ensure the safety of our associates and to support the community with social distancing, we can no longer accept food donations to our hospitals or other OhioHealth locations.

Please direct inquiries for any donations, including financial support, to