OhioHealth Telehealth

Frequently Asked Questions

As you experience telehealth appointments, you may have questions. These are a few we commonly get asked.

Q. OhioHealth video visits use the Zoom videoconferencing app. Is that secure?

A. The version of Zoom OhioHealth uses is created specifically for healthcare communication. It meets our security requirements and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) regulations. This is how our version of Zoom is uniquely secure:

  • Video visits through OhioHealth MyChart are encrypted and password-protected, and will never be recorded. 
  • Zoom does not store or have access to protected or identifiable health information. 
  • Video visits can only be set up and started through OhioHealth MyChart. We do not send links to begin your visit through email (with the exception of OhioHealth Berger Hospital patients using Follow My Health). If you receive a video visit link in your personal email that appears to be from OhioHealth, do not open it. 
  • Your doctor or you can easily end a video visit in progress at any time.

Q. How will my telehealth appointment be billed?

A. Telehealth visits are billed to your insurance provider, just like a regular visit. You will be responsible for any copayment or coinsurance required by your medical benefits plan.

Q. How do I schedule a telehealth appointment in OhioHealth MyChart?

A. You must have visited an OhioHealth primary care or specialist provider to schedule video visits with them in OhioHealth MyChart. Sign in to your account online or through our mobile app. Select Visits, then Schedule an appointment. Choose the provider you would like to see, and select Video Visit when asked what kind of appointment you are scheduling. Follow the prompts to find a time that works for you. 

If you begin by selecting Video Visit as the reason for your appointment, you will be asked to choose your provider a few steps later.

Q. I had problems getting my telehealth appointment to work properly. What did I do wrong?

A. If you are having trouble with your web browser or Zoom, check our list of troubleshooting tips. They should help fix most of the problems you may experience.

If you are having trouble with OhioHealth MyChart, contact our MyChart Support team at (844) 646.9242 or MyChartSupport@OhioHealth.com.

Q. How do I know if my device will work with telehealth?

A. When your telehealth appointment is scheduled, be sure to let your doctor know what devices you have and their capabilities. Your doctor will determine whether it makes more sense for you to have a telehealth appointment by phone or video.