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The Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio (SARNCO) is the sexual violence intervention and prevention program serving Franklin County. SARNCO strives to empower survivors and co-survivors of sexual and relationship violence and in time, to eliminate these forms of abuse through culturally appropriate prevention programming.

24-Hour Rape Helpline number: (614) 267.7020

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)
1-(800) 656.HOPE

 SARNCO Programs and Services

  • 24-Hour Emergency Room Advocacy: Trained volunteer advocates provide emotional support, crisis intervention and resource information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to survivors of sexual violence who are receiving care in local emergency departments. SARNCO also works with Deaf World Against Violence Everywhere (DWAVE) to provide advocacy to Deaf survivors who are receiving care in hospital emergency departments.
  • 24-Hour Rape Helpline: Trained volunteer advocates provide emotional support, crisis intervention and resource information over the telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to survivors of sexual violence, co-survivors and the community.
  • Recovery Resources: Recovery books and booklets geared toward healing from sexual violence are available at no cost to survivors and co-survivors of sexual assault. Free recovery materials can be accessed through the 24-Hour Rape Helpline at (614) 267.7020.
  • Sexual Violence Prevention Program: SARNCO provides prevention education and outreach about sexual assault, dating violence and sexual harassment in the community. See below for a list of our education programs.

Make a Difference: Volunteer with SARNCO

SARNCO is looking for caring and compassionate women and men who:

  • care about ending sexual and relationship violence
  • excel at listening to the needs of others
  • want to truly make a difference in the community

As a SARNCO Volunteer Advocate, you will be a part of our mission to empower all survivors and co-survivors (their friends or family members) of sexual and relationship violence and in time, to eliminate these forms of abuse, through culturally appropriate prevention and outreach programming.

SARNCO volunteer advocate opportunities include:

  • Helpline Advocates: answer calls to the 24-Hour Rape Helpline and provide crisis intervention,emotional support and information about options and resources to survivors and co-survivors (friends and family members) of sexual violence.
  • Hospital Advocates: meet with survivors and co-survivors at local hospitals following a sexual assault, and provide emotional support and information about options and resources.
  • SARNCO-DWAVE Hospital Advocates: in collaboration with Deaf World Against Violence Everywhere (DWAVE), provide hospital advocacy to survivors who are Deaf.
  • Speakers’ Bureau Advocates(additional training provided after six months of volunteering): give educational presentations to students and community groups on vitally-important sexual and relationship violence prevention.

All SARNCO volunteers are encouraged to participate in community events to raise awareness about sexual violence prevention and services available to survivors and co-survivors.

SARNCO provides extensive 45-hour training sessions for those interested in volunteering. These sessions are held three times per year. The process of becoming a volunteer is a selective one that includes an application, criminal background check and an interview. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please complete the application below* electronically and send it to SARNCO via e-mail at [email protected], or print and complete the form and fax to (614) 566.6846.

*Access a SARNCO volunteer application in PDF format. (You need Acrobat Reader to view it.)

 Free Sexual Violence Prevention Programs

Effective prevention strategies are rooted in the understanding that in order to prevent sexual violence, we must address the root causes and social norms that allow it to exist in the first place. This means making the connection between all forms of oppression (including racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, adultism, ageism, and others) and how they create a culture in which inequality thrives and violence is seen as normal.

Prevention goes beyond education and awareness-raising and engages communities in creating long-term solutions to social issues.  Social change does not come about from teaching children how to be safe or telling women to watch their drinks or not walk alone.  Effective prevention is addressing the problem at its core - by focusing on and eliminating the risk factors for perpetration and victimization.

Program Title Content

 I Have A Voice

  • Six-session Sexual Violence Prevention Overview
  • Dispel myths and victim blame
  • Explore societal factors that contribute to rape
    Includes information on Dating Violence, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment (Bullying).
  • Fulfills Ohio’s state law House Bill 19 requiring Dating Violence Prevention Education for grades 7-12.
  • Community resources and referral information

Media Literacy
  • Analyze, evaluate, and create media
  • Explore cultural influences on sexual violence
  • Analyze messages from media, such as movies and advertising
  • Draw connections between our behavior and media messages
  • Community resources and referral information

  • Advanced concepts of privilege and oppression and their link to violence
  • Practical application for dismantling oppression
  • Understand ways information is processed by the brain to create stereotypes
  • Discuss ways to assure that decisions are not based on stereotypes and misinformation

In-services for teachers and professionals who work with teens
  • Dating violence, sexual assault or sexual harassment
  • Define and explore the topic
  • How to promote multi-leveled prevention in your community
  • How to be an ally
  • Tips on how to intervene

Policy Review
  • Comprehensive Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Violence policy reviews
  • Receive a consultation and best practices recommendations for your business policies or student handbooks.

 How to Contact SARNCO

24-Hour Rape helpline (614) 267.7020
Main office(614) 566.4414
Fax(614) 566.6846
Prevention Education Program(614) 566.5227

How to Support SARNCO

Your gift to the OhioHealth Foundation to support the programs and services provided by SARNCO helps in so many ways to ensure our sexual violence and prevention intervention programs continue to fill a vital role in our community. Your gifts are used to fund programs that directly assist rape survivors in central Ohio. Learn more or make your gift now. You may also e-mail the OhioHealth Foundation or call (614) 566.4483.