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Supportive Care for Cancer Patients

Our services are designed to help patients manage their care, restore their sense of well-being and overcome the challenges of living with cancer.

Led by an oncology-trained patient navigator, you have access to services, education and support from the moment an abnormality is detected all the way to survivorship.

Patient Navigation

One of your first contacts will be with a patient navigator, an oncology-trained specialist. Your navigator will serve as your personal guide throughout the cancer journey, linking you to services, education and support you need. Your navigator will help you understand medical terms, diagnoses, procedures and all treatment modalities; provide information for informed decision-making about treatment options; and assist with arranging next steps with the rest of your care team.


Integrative Care

Integrative care focuses on healing the whole person, and can help improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being during and after cancer treatment. Complementary therapies may be combined with your cancer care plan to help manage symptoms, improve quality of life and enhance the effectiveness of your traditional cancer care plan.


Spiritual Care Along Your Cancer Journey

Our chaplains can help you understand how your faith or spirituality both impacts and is impacted by your health, in addition to connecting you with spiritual resources and sources of support for your treatment journey. 


Genetic Counseling and Testing

The OhioHealth Genetic Counseling program provides comprehensive and informative risk assessment for hereditary cancer. Additionally we help determine whether the cancer in someone’s family is hereditary and, in collaboration with you and your physician, help develop the most appropriate ongoing care plan.


Living Story Tattoo

Living Story Tattoo offers restorative tattooing for breast reconstruction patients and breast conditions requiring areola pigment or asymmetry correction. All tattooing is performed by Christina Siegel, RN, BSN.

Christina has extensive experience working in plastic surgery offices in Columbus and has completed an apprenticeship with a local tattoo artist and trained with a tattoo artist who specializes in 3D areola tattooing.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Christina Siegel at (937) 470-5332 or email For more information, visit

OhioHealth Social Services

Medical social workers provide referrals and resources to help relieve patients’ worries about obstacles that may prevent them from seeking or continuing their medical care. 

For information contact OhioHealth CancerCall at or 1 (800) 752.9119, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Survivorship Support

We will help you prepare for a healthy life after cancer treatment, including information and resources about nutrition and fitness, as well as other cancer wellness and support opportunities. Talk with your Patient Navigator for more information.

OhioHealth Cancer Wellness

OhioHealth offers two cancer wellness programs for cancer patients at any stage of treatment. These programs focus on exercise sessions and also other important aspects of cancer survivorship that include nutrition, lifestyle modification, massage therapy, stress management and more. For details, talk to your Patient Navigator or contact the programs at The McConnell Center (614) 566.3880 or Grant Health and Fitness at (614) 566.9045.