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MD Anderson Cancer Network® and OhioHealth

Gain a Team to Fight Alongside You

OhioHealth is collaborating with MD Anderson Cancer Network® teaming up to raise the standard of cancer care in our community.

United WE  fight to bring new hope to cancer patients in our community.

You not only get care from a dedicated team of OhioHealth specialists, skilled in treating more than 50 types of cancer, you get the added confidence of knowing that OhioHealth doctors can consult directly with MD Anderson experts on your case. You will find all this expertise and advancements at:

When the certification process is complete, it will include eight OhioHealth member hospitals and more than 75 OhioHealth medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and oncology surgeons — giving patients new options and new hope, close to home.


OhioHealth Cancer Care

View a comprehensive list of cancers we treat

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Hear from cancer specialists to learn how this collaboration helps you.