The OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute (OHRI) makes all of this possible by supporting our physicians, nurses and other associates as they explore innovations to improve patient care. In fact, new medical products developed by OhioHealth clinicians, which were first introduced at OhioHealth’ hospitals, are now marketed internationally.

Through clinical trial capabilities, we provide our patients access to the most advanced treatments and diagnostics.

Learn about the OhioHealth $5 Million Innovation and Development Fund (PDF).

For Healthcare Professionals

OHRI supports innovation throughout the OhioHealth system. Find out more how we can help bring your vision to life.

Learn more about OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute and our programs in our OHRI Annual Publications (PDFs).
2014-2015 OHRI Annual Publication (PDF)
2013-2014 OHRI Annual Publication (PDF)
2012-2013 OHRI Annual Publication (PDF)