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Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest may affect a researcher’s ability to objectively conduct scientific studies and report their results, potentially harming participants in research or the public’s trust in such research. Therefore, investigators’ financial interests and relationships with outside organizations must be regularly disclosed to OhioHealth. The Institution has a robust process for review of all disclosures as well as a process to manage and avoid perceived or actual conflicts of interest to ensure integrity and safety in our research studies.

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The purpose of this policy is to set forth the requirements for disclosure of potential or actual conflicts of interest (COI) in human subjects research and the process of managing or eliminating such conflicts. This policy provides those individuals involved in research (including OhioHealth associates, independent physicians or other individuals) with guidance regarding COI in research conducted at OhioHealth facilities.

OhioHealth recognizes the importance in activities that advance and communicate knowledge through interaction with government, industry, the community and the public. The financial interest in a company or other organization of an investigator (or that of their family), may produce a real or perceived financial conflict of interest if the significant financial interest could directly and significantly affect the design, conduct or reporting of research. OhioHealth is deeply committed to protecting the safety and welfare of subjects involved in research, maintaining scientific integrity in all research activities, safeguarding the reputation and integrity of the institution, and supporting the development of useful knowledge.