OhioHealth Research Institute

About Us

More Than 10 Years of Research and Innovation

Since its inception in 2006, the OhioHealth Research Institute has developed a reputation as a national leader in facilitating medical breakthroughs, evaluating new procedures and exploring innovations in patient care to meet the needs of our community.

You can contact us at (614) 566.1250.

Who We Are | Our Purpose

Our Mission is to support innovation and excellence that improves the health of those we serve.

Our Vision is to be nationally recognized as a research institute with the expertise and passion to deliver high quality service and exceptional value that makes a difference.

The OhioHealth Research Institute helps to redefine care delivery and standards of care for the OhioHealth patient population.

What We’re Working On | Our Top Research Areas

The OhioHealth Research Institute fosters innovation across the OhioHealth system by providing guidance, support and expertise for research. We aim to increase access to emerging therapies that otherwise would not be available to OhioHealth patients. The institute continues to diversify the research portfolio it supports. Here are highlighted research activities:

  • New industry device trials have been initiated in the areas of structural heart disease, endovascular, electrophysiology and general cardiology.
  • Neuroscience research is focused on multiple sclerosis and stroke with expansion to other therapeutic areas.
  • We offer clinical trials to treat many types of cancer and associated symptoms. We provide access to trials from the National Cancer Institute, cutting-edge industry leaders and clinical trials originating at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

How We Support Clinical Research | Our Priority

Clinical trials are carried out by a team of healthcare experts who are dedicated to connecting patients with the latest advances in care. We partner with OhioHealth clinicians and associates to:

  • Conduct their own clinical research by providing guidance and support services to plan, write, submit, conduct, analyze and publish research.
  • Facilitate grants and conduct industry or externally sponsored clinical research at OhioHealth.
  • Ensure the rights and welfare of human research participants are protected by the OhioHealth Institutional Review Board.
  • Provide the highest quality, operational and regulatory support through a comprehensive central research infrastructure.