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OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute’s (OHRI) Commercialization Office helps busy healthcare professionals like you to improve patient care by bringing new product ideas to life.

  • Maybe you’'ve recognized a problem.
  • Maybe you find yourself wondering, "Why hasn't this process changed?"
  • Maybe you often think, "There has to be a better way."
  • Maybe you’'ve even envisioned a solution.

Learn about our new funding opportunities to further commercialization at OhioHealth.

New product innovation is one of the many ways you can make a meaningful contribution to patient care and to your specialty. The Commercialization team is here to support you with free, confidential services. Learn more (PDF).

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Commercialization services are provided in partnership with state and local leaders who are dedicated to building Ohio's economy, including TechColumbus, BioOhio and SBDC, Small Business Development Center at Columbus State Community College.

For more information contact Chris Willson, PhD, MBA, OHRI director of Commercialization at (614) 788.3871, or [email protected].

OhioHealth and TechColumbus Announce $5 Million Innovation and Development Fund

The OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute (OHRI) recently launched the OhioHealth Innovation Development Fund to provide financial support and resources to accelerate the commercialization of new clinical innovation products. These resources will help decrease the time it takes to get a clinical innovation idea developed and into the commercial marketplace where the product can be used for patient care. The fund supports physicians, nurses and associates working to bring their product ideas to life, while also giving them the opportunity to retain ownership of their intellectual property.

OhioHealth has committed up to $5 million to the Innovation Development Fund to foster and fund clinical innovation products or programs that align with our mission and values and demonstrate a potential for broad commercial application and economic return. Up to $75,000 per project is available for maturing new clinical innovation products with the potential for additional funding as part of the Early Stage Venture Funding.

The Innovation Development Fund is managed by the OhioHealth Commercialization Office in partnership with TechColumbus.

For questions, contact Chris Willson, PhD, MBA, OHRI director of Commercialization Services, at [email protected] or by phone at (614) 788.3871.

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