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OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute

OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute

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Support for the Healthcare Industry

An Innovative Partner for Leading-Edge Clinical Research

All of our clinicians are charged with always looking for innovative ways to improve patient care, from medical breakthroughs to new procedures. We are here to provide them with guidance and support and ensure they are connected with the right partners to be successful.

Track Record of Success: Industry Sponsored Studies

The OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute (OHRI) engages in high quality, leading-edge research and innovation with our OhioHealth physicians, clinicians and industry partners.

With a solid reputation for being easy to partner with, a proven track record of leading safe and successful clinical trials, and access to a diverse population with hospitals across the state, OhioHealth is frequently sought out as a site for clinical studies.

Every year, we serve as a research site for hundreds of clinical studies sponsored by industry, private, non-profit organizations and government agencies, such as the U.S. National Institutes of Health, looking to evaluate their investigational products at a large facility associated with excellent clinicians.

If you are interested in bringing your next clinical research project to OhioHealth, contact:

OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute
Phone (614) 566.1250

A Unique Commercialization Model: The Innovator Is the Owner

When our physicians, nurses and associates think of a better way to deliver care, they bring it to our Office of Commercialization Services. We help them evaluate the idea for new healthcare products or services, fund its development and look for a commercial partner who will bring it to life — and they keep the ownership and revenue.

OhioHealth is a unique hospital network that does not take ownership of your intellectual property or revenue from commercialization of your ideas. Organizations looking to OhioHealth for new ideas can purchase the products or license them directly from its owner.

We support our clinicians and associate partners with a wealth of services. They are encouraged to explore innovation to improve patient care, while we provide a streamlined, custom-tailored commercialization plan for their innovation.

Our methods have proven to be very effective. New medical products developed by OhioHealth clinicians — first introduced locally at OhioHealth hospitals — are now marketed internationally.

  • More than 380 projects have been submitted to our commercialization portfolio.
  • 16 new product companies have been launched by OhioHealth staff.
  • 11 of our commercialized products are in clinical use.

If you’re interested in engaging with us on commercial opportunities, or in joint development work, contact:

Christopher Willson, PhD, MBA
Director of Research Support Services & Commercialization
Office (614) 788.3871