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OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute

For Clinical Staff

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Clinical Research Services

A Centralized Infrastructure to Support Research

We provide a broad range of services to coordinate and support clinicians in initiating and conducting clinical research studies.  We are committed to providing the highest quality, operational and regulatory support for research studies.

In addition, OHRI offers access to more than 200 clinical research studies sponsored by industry, private, non-profit organizations, academic centers, cooperative groups and government agencies as an important part of advancing the level of care provided the communities OhioHealth serves.

Industry Research Services

  • Research inquiries, activation and conduct: OHRI works with clinicians to determine feasible research studies to conduct at OhioHealth that match our patient population. We coordinate feasibility reviews, pre-study site visits, study activation process and study conduct activities.
  • Clinical and data coordination: Each study is assigned a Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator or Research Coordinator. Working with the site investigator(s), the coordinators identify patients for possible participation, review patient eligibility, educate patients on research study requirements, conduct research assessments, and follow-up and gather and report critical data. Our team stays closely involved with patients, monitoring their progress throughout the study and ensuring the patients’ rights remain protected.
  • Regulatory compliance management: The Regulatory team provides support for the investigator, research team and industry to navigate the regulatory framework surrounding clinical research. Our goal is to assist investigators to progress medical innovation while fulfilling all aspects of research ethics and compliance.
  • Research finance: The Research Finance team facilitates the fiscal and contractual management of research conducted at OhioHealth. 
  • Investigational pharmacy: The Investigational Pharmacy team supports research involving study drugs for OhioHealth investigators in both inpatient and outpatient care areas. This includes support and guidance for the safe and efficient conduct of drug studies integrating activities with the clinical, safety, informatics and drug distribution systems to optimize study drug therapy for patients.
  • Quality assurance: Our team participates in ongoing quality assurance efforts, including internal and external system audits, data and regulatory monitoring to ensure compliance with policies and procedures, federal regulations and commitments to industry.

For more information about participating in a clinical research study as a clinician on staff at OhioHealth, or participating in our services to collaborate on research, contact:

OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute 
(614) 566.1250