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OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute

For Clinical Staff

OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute

For Clinical Staff

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Academic Research Services for Clinicians

Technical and Administrative Support for Effective Research

We’ll help you conduct research that keeps you and your colleagues abreast of advances in your field, provides information crucial for improving patient care and enhances your career prospects. 

At OhioHealth, we support our clinicians with the efficient and expert support they need to be successful researchers.

We understand patient care places heavy demands on your time. That is why the OhioHealth Research & Innovation Institute (OHRI) provides you with multidisciplinary technical and administrative support, allowing you to focus your limited time on the scientific and clinical aspects of your study.

Our academic research team provides you with:

  • Education: So that you can successfully plan and execute a research study, we offer a wide variety of training modules on topics such as developing a study budget/feasibility planning, an overview of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and their processes, research coordination, screening/consenting/data collection/maintaining regulatory files, an introduction to statistical concepts and how to report your findings/write a manuscript. OHRI provides education in a one-on-one, small group, or lecture format.
  • Protocol development: Both a research specialist and biostatistician are available to guide you through the process of developing your study by providing input on methodology, sample size/power analysis, development of data tools and other supporting documents, navigating the research committee and IRB, as well as the creation of a statistical analysis plan.
  • Monetary support search: Funds to support training, conduct patient procedures or purchase equipment for investigator-initiated research may be available from internal or external sources. We can help identify potential funding sources and help you navigate the process.
  • Project management: Trial investigators have nurse and other clinical research coordinators (CRC’s) and their assistants to support the execution of research protocols. CRCs help gather existing data from electronic records, recruit and enroll patients, and collect follow-up data. We also maintain the files necessary for regulatory compliance.
  • Data analysis and presentation: Our biostatisticians help you complete your statistical analyses and assist you with the interpretation and presentation of your results.
  • Dissemination of findings: Our staff can support you in writing, editing and formatting a manuscript or abstract suitable for peer-review or presentation in a regional, national or international forum.
  • Medical library: The OhioHealth medical library staff at Riverside Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center and Doctors Hospital are available to meet with researchers one-on-one to assist them in exploring and developing their research topics. Services include mediated literature search, document delivery and current awareness services.

If you have questions about OHRI Academic Research Services, contact:

OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute
(614) 566.1250