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Advanced and Comprehensive Urologic Care

Our mission is to provide compassionate patient care by using our innovative techniques to expertly diagnose and treat your condition, provide symptom relief and improve your quality of life. 

Meet Our Fellowship Trained Specialists

Among our expert physicians at OhioHealth Physician Group Urology, we have specialists who have in-depth training targeted at specific urologic medical areas.

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Why Choose OhioHealth Physician Group Urology

Using the most advanced treatment options available, our team can help you find long-term, satisfying solutions to help you achieve your best health. When you become a patient, you’ll:

  • Receive a full assessment of your urologic health conditions
  • Discuss your concerns comfortably and confidentially with the urologist
  • Receive complete information to make informed decisions
  • Have all your questions answered
  • Connect to the high quality and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services at OhioHealth hospitals