Dublin Methodist Hospital Anticoagulation Clinic / Coumadin Clinic
7500 Hospital Drive
Dublin, Ohio 43016
Phone: (614) 544-8995
Fax: (614) 533-0125

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
By appointment only

Referring physicians:

Call (614) 544-8995 for a Patient Referral Form

Complete and fax the Patient Referral Form authorizing treatment

Provide indication for anticoagulation therapy and goal INR range

Our Anticoagulation / Coumadin Clinic provides convenient, comprehensive patient management, monitoring and instruction related to anticoagulation therapy. The clinic is staffed by registered pharmacists.

The Dublin Methodist Anticoagulation / Coumadin Clinic provides:

  • Patient education on anticoagulation needs and goals
  • Clinical evaluation and anticoagulation assessment
  • Close patient monitoring and follow-up
  • Identification and resolution of therapy problems
  • Uniform quality of care

We work closely with referring physicians, faxing your results to your physician on the day of your visit. We contact your physician directly if:

  • INR>5
  • You're experiencing signs and symptoms of bleeding complications
  • Vitamin K is indicated
  • Other medical conditions are suspected