To schedule a maternity tour of the Dublin Methodist Maternity Department, please call (614) 4-HEALTH (443-2584).

The Maternity Center and Labor and Delivery unit at Dublin Methodist Hospital is designed to provide a truly unique birthing experience for you and your partner. We go beyond traditional maternity care to incorporate elements that make you feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered. We're about redefining patient care and making healthcare decisions together.

You will find each of us focusing on you - because we know it's also the birth of a mom.

The maternity experts working in the Labor and Delivery unit at Dublin Methodist Hospital have been trained in the latest birth techniques and comfort measures for labor and delivery. We have board-certified obstetricians on the maternity unit 24 hours a day. Neonatologists and anesthesiologists are available on-call 24 hours a day. And at Dublin Methodist, Certified Nurse Midwives are an integral part of our skilled nursing team. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Level II Nursery at OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital, owned and operated by Nationwide Children's Hospital, offers your baby the world-class neonatal expertise of Nationwide Children's Hospital and its specialists within the walls of Dublin Methodist. Our lactation consultants are also available during your hospital stay to support you in your choice to breastfeed your baby.

Private Birthing Suites

Birthing SuitePatient rooms within the Labor and Delivery unit, including Mother/Infant rooms, are at the heart of our vision to redefine patient care using nature, state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic design.

  • Each room has a private, spa-like bathroom with stone and ceramic tile and hand-laid glass tile accents
  • A window in every room which allows access to the natural light shown to be vital in recovery and healing
  • Each room also features comfortable sleeping accommodations for you and your partner, a desk, refrigerator, and private phone line.

Arriving for Your Delivery

AtriumWhen you enter Dublin Methodist Hospital you will know immediately this is not like any other hospital. The soothing sounds of the two and a half story, multi-tiered waterfall, many patient and visitor gardens, natural light from windows in every patient room and the warm earth tones that surround you provide a calm and comfortable environment to welcome your baby into the world.

We provide free, convenient parking adjacent to the main entrance for all of our patients and visitors. The Labor and Delivery unit is located on the second floor of the hospital and can be accessed by the main elevators. During daytime hours, enter through the front door where you will be greeted and assisted to Labor and Delivery.

If you arrive after regular business hours, please enter the hospital through the Emergency Department. You will be assisted to the second floor by the Emergency Department staff. We encourage you to pre-register for your hospital stay to avoid registration paperwork when you arrive to deliver.

During labor and delivery, you are allowed your main support person plus two additional persons for support to be in the room with you. Family and friends are welcome to wait in the spacious Family Waiting Area just down the hall. Visitors can take turns visiting you in the labor and delivery room, provided there are no more than three people in the room with you at a time while you are in labor. Visitors under the age of 16 are not permitted in Labor and Delivery.

After your Delivery

After a normal delivery, we encourage you to keep your baby with you in your room as much as possible to begin the natural bonding process. If you require rest or additional medical care, your baby may be cared for in the nursery near the post-partum room. When your baby arrives:

  • You may hold your baby moments after his or her birth
  • A nurse examines, weighs and measures your baby
  • Your baby is immediately returned to you to hold and feed
  • You and your baby are moved to your post-partum room, and your baby will have a complete assessment and bath

Kangaroo Care

We offer the option of Skin-to-Skin contact or Kangaroo Care for you and your newborn. Research shows that Kangaroo Care can have many benefits for newborns including improvement in initial bonding, breastfeeding, breathing, and a better transition to life outside of your womb. Kangaroo Care may begin at any point during your stay; from immediately after birth to when you and your baby are settled in your post-partum room. Whenever you decide, just let your nurse know that you would like to begin.

Peekaboo Babies

PeekaBoo Babies is a fun, free and fast way to spread the news of your baby’s birth by putting the baby’s hospital photo on the Internet for family and friends to see! Ask your nurse for full details.

Breastfeeding Services

We fully support a mother’s decision on how to feed her baby. As healthcare experts, we know the many benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies and we provide the support you need to get started and continue breastfeeding successfully. Our board-certified lactation consultants provide personal, private assistance to breastfeeding mothers. Whether you need help getting started, overcoming initial difficulties or have questions, they will offer support, information and guidance in your decision to breastfeed your baby.


Friends and family are welcome in the Dublin Methodist Maternity Center and Labor and Delivery unit at all times and can be limited based on your schedule and preferences. No overnight visitors under the age of 18 are permitted.

Visitors may park in our free and convenient visitor parking lot located just in front of the hospital. The patient liaison can direct them to the mother's room when they arrive.

Leaving the Hospital

Your physician will determine when it is safe for you and your baby to leave the hospital. Procedures and other tasks that need to be completed before you go home are listed below.

  • Discharge teaching completed, including watching any videos or completing appropriate paperwork
  • Any follow-up appointments required by either your doctor or your baby's doctor scheduled
  • A final exam of you and your baby completed by the physician
  • Birth Certificate Packet and Social Security Care registration completed
  • All newborn screening tests completed
  • Any vaccines or procedures for baby (circumcision) completed
  • Baby pictures taken by hospital staff. You have the option to purchase photos and the option to consent to your baby's photo being posted on the Dublin Methodist Peekaboo Babies page. Please let your nurse know if your baby's photo has not been taken and you would like for it to be done.
  • Child Safety Seat brought to the room
  • Removal of baby's cord clamp and security device