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Studies have shown that ALS patients who attend a multidisciplinary ALS clinic do better long term and enjoy an improved quality of life. They experience less infections and less incidence of pneumonias. They receive early interventions for ALS symptom management.

What to Expect from an ALS Clinic visit

We spend time with our ALS patients during their clinic visits to understand their needs and to proactively monitor and manage their symptoms.

  • Patients visit the ALS clinic every three months.
  • Prior to a clinic visit, one of our ALS nurses calls the patient or caregiver to pre-screen for patient needs.
  • During the clinic visit, patients stay in one exam room. Specialists come to the patient's room for consultations.

We Coordinate All Aspects of Patient Care

The ALS clinic staff works collaboratively to coordinate care not only for clinic days but also for the time in between clinic days.

For example, we help make arrangements for patients to meet with our clinic therapists outside of clinic. Also, we provide a bridge to medical experts, when needed, such as pulmonologists and ENT physicians, making referrals to experts who understand ALS and can respond without long wait periods.

Additionally, we work with OhioHealth Home Care, connecting families to this valuable resource for at-home care and assistive medical equipment.

In between clinic visits, bi-weekly, a nurse from The ALS Association of Central and Southern Ohio, affiliated with the clinic, calls the patient or caregiver for continuous monitoring of symptoms and needs.

When to Make a Referral to OhioHealth ALS Clinic 

  • Patient displays symptoms that indicate a possible presence of early onset ALS and you want diagnostic evaluation and testing.
    • Symptoms can include: fasciculations, cramps, tight and stiff muscles, muscle weakness affecting an arm or a leg, slurred and nasal speech, or difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Patient is genetically pre-disposed to ALS and wants a consultation and/or testing
  • Patient is diagnosed with ALS and needs multidisciplinary care

OhioHealth ALS Clinic
(614) 533-5613
email [email protected]

The OhioHealth ALS Clinic follows an exceptionally effective multidisciplinary design.

  • A multidisciplinary ALS clinic where you see all your specialists in one place at one time
  • Individualized plan of care
  • Clinic visits every three months
  • Pre-clinic screening phone calls so we're ready on appointment day with the specialists and services you need
  • Direct access by phone or email to our physicians, therapists and clinic coordinator - no need to wait for clinic days to connect with us
  • Your questions get answered in hours, not days
  • Bi-weekly phone calls from our nurses for continuous monitoring of symptoms, needs and condition
  • Shared resources with The ALS Association of Central and Southern Ohio

Because our ALS clinic staff works closely with patients and their families to monitor disease progression, we are able to proactively respond to needs. This contributes to stabilizing and managing patients' symptoms at early onset, which in turn helps with quality of life.

Sharing resources with The ALS Association of Central and Southern Ohio allows ALS patients to receive a continuity of personalized care from nurses they see at Association support groups and also at the OhioHealth ALS Clinic.

We Are One of The ALS Association's Recognized Treatment Centers

The ALS Association Recognized Treatment CenterHaving this important designation means the OhioHealth ALS Clinic meets a national standard of best-practice care in the management of ALS. It means persons with ALS and their families can be assured they are receiving evidence-based ALS care and treatment services — the very best standard of care — at the OhioHealth ALS Clinic.

The OhioHealth ALS Clinic plans to expand its offerings by incorporating an ALS research component to the clinic in the near future. With ALS research included as an offering to patients, the clinic will have the full complement of services necessary to apply for certification to become one of The ALS Association's Certified Centers of Excellence.

Read more about The ALS Association's Certified Centers.

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