The Polaris Surgery Center is located inside the Westerville Medical Campus. The center provides patients and families with a unique outpatient surgery experience, with the number one focus on patient care. Each surgeon is board certified and credentialed, and the nursing staff is among the most highly trained and experienced in the area.

To learn more about The Polaris Surgery Center, call (614) 232.6500.

   Polaris Surgery Center Physicians


General Surgery
Mark E. Davanzo, MD
Christine Habib, MD
Kristine Slamm, MD 

Tracy L. Cook, MD
Thomas L. Harmon, MD
Summer L. James, MD
Stuart R. Jones, MD
Carl A. Krantz, MD
David M. Nash, MD
Angela G. Rouse-Scharschmidt, MD
Richard N. Underwood, DO

Charles D. Kerr, DO
Gary M. Millard, DO
Daniel P. Quinn, MD

Pain Management
Kedar K. Deshpande, MD
Jimmy M. Henry, MD

Walter Bernacki, MD
Robert S. Houser, MD              Christopher G. Zochowski, MD

David S. Buchan, DPM
Christopher F. Hyer, DPM
Daniel B. Logan, DPM
Donnalyn Moeller, DPM
Jennifer C. Swan, DPM
Robert B. Vancourt, DPM

Gregory C. Berlet, MD
B. Rodney Comisar, MD
Timothy P. Duffey, DO
Christopher D. Holzaepfel, MD
Merle L. Kennedy, MD
Thomas H. Lee, MD
Nathaniel K. Long, DO
Lisa K. Lowery, MD
Jeremy R. Mathis, DO
Terrence M. Philbin, DO
Raymond Tesner, DO
Kenneth J. Westerheide, MD
Joseph F. Wilcox, MD
Randall R. Wroble, MD

Robert A. Dixon, MD
Derek L. Snook, MD
Mark A. White, MD

David Brown, MD
Jed W. Henry, MD