Trust Your Health to a Proven Team of sports medicine experts

OhioHealth Sports Medicine provides a full range of specialized care, including sports physical therapy and sports medicine clinics, that helps our patients perform at their highest ability. Whether you need non-surgical therapy, physical rehabilitation, or nutrition advice, our group of sports medicine experts will be there to guide you back to your fullest potential.

And because we respect your time, we've created a scheduling system that can often accept same-day appointments—so you'll be seen quickly and efficiently. With more than 15 physician practices and 25 outpatient rehabilitation and imaging centers, we're never too far away to help.

Sports Medicine Treatments and ProceduresLearn more about our sports medicine programs, including our runners clinic.Meet our team of sports medicine experts at OhioHealth.Sports Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Imaging Services
Treatments & Procedures

See our impressive list of non-surgical and surgical services.

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Specialty Programs

Learn more about our innovative programs like our Performance Clinics that help people with all kinds of active lifestyles.

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Meet Our Experts

See the talented team that makes OhioHealth Sports Medicine so special.

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Physical Rehabilitation
& Imaging

From diagnosis to recovery, these services ensure that OhioHealth provides a full range of care.

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OhioHealth Sports Medicine is the trusted program for central Ohio professional athletes.

Professional Team Affiliations

When professional athletes need treatment, they trust OhioHealth. See what keeps the Blue Jackets and Crew coming to us to stay on top of their game.

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Learn more about the OhioHealth Runners Clinic

Running Specialty Services

Runners want to perform. We want to help. From analyzing your gait, to shoe selection, to nutrition, we can help you improve your performance.

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OhioHealth Resources for Coaches, Student Athletes and Parents

Coaches, Student Athletes, and Parents

Our team of experts is ready to help your team of athletes. Whether you’re the coach or parent of a student athlete, this is where you’ll find what you need.

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