Athletic Performance Clinic
Athletic Performance Clinic

Athletic Performance Clinic

Get back in the game or take yours to the next level

Whether you're focused on injury prevention or recovering from surgery, our expert clinicians at OhioHealth New Albany Medical Campus are here to help with one-on-one training using the latest technology.

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Train smart

If you’re active, you’re an athlete!

All sports, ages and skill levels are welcome at the center. We guide student athletes, active adults and seniors who want to:

  • Begin a new sport or training program safely
  • Develop healthy biomechanics to limit injury
  • Overcome injury and return to an active life safely
  • Improve personal performance
  • Achieve elite performance in a chosen activity or sport

CORE performance clinics


Runner’s Clinic

Improve your personal record or treat a recurring injury with this comprehensive performance clinic created by runners, for runners.


  • Video recording and analysis to assess running technique and gait
  • Functional strength and flexibility assessment
  • Personalized exercise recommendations
  • Expert running shoe evaluation
  • Personalized nutrition counseling with a sports dietician
  • Overall results and recommendations
  • Training programs and guidance for a healthy return to running (if injured)

Golf Clinic

This personalized experience helps improve your golf performance by analyzing wellness, biomechanics, functional strength and flexibility.


  • Consultation and assessment provided by TPI certified clinician. TPI is a world leader in golf fitness, golf health, junior golf development and swing mechanics.
  • TPI screening for a full-body assessment of your golf swing
  • Corrective exercise program with individualized, golf-specific exercises
  • Swing analysis to evaluate the biomechanics of your golf swing. Your video analysis will be available to review through our V1 Sports software.

Bike Clinic

Increase comfort and cycling performance while reducing stress or strain with this comprehensive assessment designed to maximize efficient movement.


  • Functional strength and flexibility assessment
  • Personalized exercise recommendations
  • Bicycle fitting by a certified bike fitter and certified USA Cycling coach
  • Overall results and recommendations

Thrower’s Clinic

Receive the guidance you need to safely return to play after an injury or perform your best. Our clinicians are skilled in rehabilitation of throwing injuries and analysis of throwing and pitching motions.


  • Musculoskeletal exam movement screening and strength assessment
  • Video analysis of throwing mechanics with review
  • Corrective training exercises for proper full body mobility and stability
  • Individualized throwing drills designed to address your unique needs
  • Follow-up sessions to track progress
  • Guidance for a healthy return to throwing (if injured)

Customized sports clinics

We can customize a clinic for increased performance in any sport. These clinics can be individual sessions, small groups with a specialty (e.g. soccer goalies) or full teams.

Group Classes

Our group classes are designed for achieving strength and conditioning goals with fellow athletes. All classes are in a small group setting and perfect to meet new friends and maximize savings.

  • Strength Training for Runners and Walkers focuses on strength and mobility exercise to improve running or walking performance and help prevent injuries.
  • Youth Athletic Performance classes are designed for adolescent athletes looking to improve athletic performance.
  • Strong Seniors are dedicated classes for older adults to increase strength, balance and flexibility to reduce the risk of falling.

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CPR and AED Training

Every second counts when lifesaving measures are needed. CPR and AED certification provides you with the skills and confidence to act.

Trainers you can trust

Focused on your unique goals, our trainers can help you improve performance and recover from injury.

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Where is the performance center located?

OhioHealth New Albany Medical Campus
5150 E Dublin-Granville Rd, Suite 130
New Albany, OH 43054

How much do your clinics cost?

Pricing is based on the number and length of sessions. Group, multi-session and partner school discounts are available.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept credit cards, checks or eligible HSA/FSA accounts.

Is the performance clinic covered by insurance?

Not currently. The performance clinic is an OhioHealth retail service, meaning services are not covered by insurance at this time.

Do you offer associate discounts?

Yes. We offer special rates to all OhioHealth associates and their dependents.

I’m a provider — how can I refer my patient?

Physicians can refer patients by calling our office at (614) 566-1786 or emailing