Weight Management

Weight Management

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Our Weight Management Team

Our experts provide a comprehensive, compassionate and life-changing approach to long-term weight management.

We'll work closely with you on a one-to-one basis. We’ll help you lose weight, while also giving you the tools you need for lifelong success.

Meet Our Team of Weight Loss Experts

From personalized diet, nutrition, psychology, exercise and weight-loss education and guidance through nonsurgical and surgical solutions, we are your partners in your weight loss journey.

Your surgical care team will include board-certified, fellowship-trained and experienced bariatric surgeons or medical weight management physicians who have a full range of expertise, including obesity medicine, cardiovascular health, diabetes and many other areas of specialization.

Our diagnostic and therapeutic experts in weight management include surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive endoscopic, laparoscopic and other procedures. If gastric bypass or other bariatric (weight loss) surgery is right for you, our specialists will provide high-level care at every step — from pre-surgery consultation through post-surgery care. We’ll help you reach your personal goals, including ongoing therapies for long-term health.

Additional professionals who may contribute to your care include:

  • Dietitians – Healthcare professionals who specialize in ensuring appropriate diet and nutrition to enhance healing and health before, during and after medical therapies. They will help to educate and guide your food choices during your care.
  • Exercise Physiologists – Healthcare professionals who specialize in physical exercise, including identifying and treating issues related to physical activity, health and fitness. They work one-to-one with patients to evaluate, improve and maintain good health.
  • Nurses – Specially trained and educated healthcare professionals who collaborate closely with your doctors. They’ll take a hands-on role in delivering compassionate and expert care, from admission through follow-up.
  • Psychologists – Healthcare professionals who specialize in evaluating, diagnosing and treating emotional and behavioral health.