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Weight Management

Weight Management

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Weight Management

The experts at OhioHealth Weight Management provide the counseling and treatments you need to achieve your best weight.

Whether you participate in our medical or surgical weight loss program, our dedicated team will work with you every step of the way toward meeting your goals. Achieve your best weight with us. 

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Tools for Success

At OhioHealth Weight Management you’ll have the tools you need for success, including an understanding of how to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. You’ll also benefit from counseling to help with the emotional aspects of changing your eating habits, and instruction on healthy and safe exercise. After you meet your goal, you’ll have ongoing support to help you maintain you healthy weight.

Individualized Programs

We understand that each person has a different path to his or her ideal weight, and we design your program to fit your individual needs. It will be flexible enough that you can maintain a weight loss diet, and include the support you need to do well with either the medical or surgical program.