Movement Disorders


Movement Disorders

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Movement Disorders Program at OhioHealth

Focusing on Your Quality of Life

OhioHealth Movement Disorders clinicians employ an interdisciplinary approach to develop a diagnosis-based, individualized plan of care that is designed to treat symptoms and improve quality of life.

Beyond the Clinic

The OhioHealth Movement Disorders team offers many opportunities for neuroscience-focused exercise, wellness, and education. These programs can enhance the effectiveness of your treatment and improve your overall quality of life.

Parkinson Disease Seminars

Introduction to Parkinson Disease: This quarterly seminar is designed for people who have been newly diagnosed with Parkinson Disease. We discuss the basics of medication, therapy, exercise and wellness, and provide information about local resources. 

OhioHealth Parkinson Retreat | Eventbrite

Parkinson Disease Hot Topics: This semi-annual seminar will update the community regarding “hot topics” in the science of Parkinson Disease, including ongoing efforts to develop evidence-based, disease-modifying therapies.

OhioHealth Movement Disorder Clinic Seminars | Eventbrite

Neurological Rehabilitation

OhioHealth has a full range of therapeutic services for neurologically impaired patients, including physical, occupational, speech and other therapies. Whether you are in the hospital, at an outpatient clinic or at home, you have access to the largest team of therapy experts in central Ohio.

OhioHealth Fore Hope SM

Fore Hope is an adaptive golf program that helps people with movement disorders and other neurological conditions to overcome the physical, cognitive and social challenges of their condition. This community-based wellness program provides specialized adaptive equipment that allows participants to play golf with the same advantages as an able-bodied player.

Parkinson Disease Retreat

The OhioHealth Movement Disorders Program has been proud to host a large, annual symposium that has become a hub for the latest information on Parkinson disease treatments and research, group exercise activities, care partner advice, and in-person access to community and resources for support, education, exercise and wellness. 

OhioHealth Parkinson Retreat | Eventbrite

OhioHealth Neuroscience Wellness Center

We have created exercise, education and support programs to help people living with neurological conditions and their caregivers, to build strength, health and community. Together, we will manage your symptoms so that you can live a more active, fulfilling life.

We had a great retreat in April 2024, below you can view sessions from the day.