Movement Disorders


Movement Disorders

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Movement Disorders Care at OhioHealth

Focusing on Your Quality of Life — Not Just Your Disease

We’re dedicated to helping patients with movement disorders manage their symptoms, regain function or control over their movements, and maintain quality of life. We do this by spending time listening to how a movement disorder is affecting you, working step by step through each symptom, understanding your struggles, and then developing a treatment plan that is individualized to you and your specific needs. And, we do this working closely with your primary care physician or referring neurologist, making recommendations for care and follow-up information.

Movement Disorder Care In One Place

Patients with movement disorders or those experiencing symptoms have access to a full care team all in one visit at the OhioHealth Movement Disorders Clinic — one of several comprehensive interdisciplinary clinics we offer at OhioHealth Neuroscience Center at Riverside Methodist Hospital.

Here, patients are evaluated, diagnosed and referred for ongoing treatment and therapy, as needed. Patients with Parkinson’s disease also receive education about OhioHealth Delay the Disease™, a program designed to correct physical challenges resulting from the disease.

Located in the main lobby of OhioHealth Neuroscience Center, the clinic is open Monday through Friday.

Movement Disorders We Treat

The movement disorders we treat at OhioHealth include, but are not limited to:

  • Ataxia
  • Chorea and Huntington’s disease
  • Dystonia
  • Gait disorders
  • Myoclonus
  • Parkinson's disease/parkinsonism (PSP, MSA, CBD, DLB, medication-induced)
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Tics and Tourette's syndrome
  • Essential tremor (and other tremor disorders)

 Our Patient Care Team

Patients treated for movement disorders at OhioHealth have access to the latest treatments to help improve function and quality of life. OhioHealth offers an interdisciplinary approach to patient care, including:

  • A fellowship-trained movement disorders neurologist
  • A fellowship-trained cognitive neurologist
  • A psychiatrist and psychologist
  • Rehabilitation therapists — physical, occupational and speech
  • Exercise therapists — OhioHealth Delay the Disease™
  • A social worker
  • A genetic counselor for Huntington's disease and other neurological diseases that run in the family

Catching the Subtle Signs

OhioHealth experts in movement disorders have extensive experience identifying the early and distinguishing symptoms or signs of a movement disorder. Because treatments can vary significantly among various types of movement disorders, this is critical to the diagnosis and treatment management process.

Diagnosis involves:

  • A one-on-one consultation that includes a health history and neurological examination
  • Determination of diagnostic options (laboratory and/or imaging) and work-up
  • Education about diagnostic options
  • Discussion of treatment plan

For People with Parkinson’s Disease

What sets OhioHealth apart from other treatment and therapy programs for people with Parkinson’s disease is OhioHealth Delay the Disease™, a life-changing exercise program designed to correct physical challenges resulting from the disease.

Delay the Disease is a vital part of the treatment plans we develop for our patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The nationwide program, developed locally, is a method of exercise specific to Parkinson’s that helps to:

  • Target Parkinson's disease symptoms
  • Empower participants to take control of the disease with daily exercise
  • Enhance participants' lives physically, functionally and emotionally
  • Restore participants' hope, confidence and optimism