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Cancer Care

Blood and Marrow Transplant Program

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Our Healthcare Team

Decades of experience in blood and marrow transplantation

Blood cancers are complex conditions to treat. We bring together the full range of specialists needed to meet your unique medical needs, providing you with convenient and continuous care from one familiar team of experts.

Comprehensive Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) team

BMT physician

Your BMT physician is responsible for your plan of care, from initial consultation to transplant. They determine eligibility for stem cell transplant, conduct examinations and keep you and your loved ones informed throughout the transplant process. Additionally, they coordinate follow-up care once you have returned to your referring oncologist. Their main priority is working hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you as a patient.

BMT Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) can include nurse practitioners and physician assistants. These providers, who have received advanced training in blood and marrow transplant care, have an important role in the continuity of your BMT care. You will encounter APPs in both outpatient and inpatient settings, with oversight from attending physicians.

BMT coordinator

This nurse coordinator is assigned to you and guides you through the stem cell transplant process, from referral to admission for transplant. They plan the necessary testing and medical clearance from other specialty providers to ensure you are ready for transplant. Typically, the coordinator is your primary contact throughout the transplant process.

Nurse Navigator

This nurse navigator is assigned to you, and provides education, support, and continuity of care from referral to post-transplant. They arrange necessary supplies, equipment, and specialty medications required throughout your transplant journey. This nurse navigator works closely with the BMT Coordinator and BMT Social Worker to make sure all your transplant needs are met.

Social worker

A social worker is available to you and your loved ones to discuss specific needs and concerns. They can help with transportation and housing, emotional aspects of the transplant process as well as accessing financial resources if necessary.


A pharmacist is available to you to explain your unique chemotherapy regimen and ensure there are no interactions with other medications. They will work closely with your BMT physician from the very beginning.

Additional team members

You will also receive support throughout the transplant process from our BMT nurses, dieticians, physical therapists and billing coordinators.

Renowned specialists

Dolen_Eric_web.jpgYvonne Efebera, MD

Yvonne Efebera, MD is a national and international leader in blood and marrow transplantation with over 20 years of experience. Board-certified in medical oncology and internal medicine, her clinical expertise also includes blood cancers, multiple myeloma and plasma cell disorders, and amyloidosis.

Dolen_Eric_web.jpgBasem William, MD

Basem William, MD is a national and international leader in blood and marrow transplantation with over 21 years of experience. Board-certified in medical oncology and internal medicine, his clinical expertise also includes lymphoma, leukemia, T-cell disorders, and CAR-T therapy.

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