Medical Education

The heart of the Family Medicine Residency is the Riverside Family Practice Center, which is located adjacent to the hospital. Nearly 24,000 patients are seen at the Center each year.

During their first year, residents see patients in the office one half day per week. Second year residents see patients in the office three half days per week, and third year residents five half days per week. Residents see an increased number of patients at each level of training. The progressive responsibility for outpatient care prepares the resident for a busy ambulatory practice after residency.

Preceptors are always available to help provide the best learning experience. Laboratory and X-ray services are available in the Family Practice Center to complement outpatient care and resident education. The Family Medicine Residency has implemented an electronic health record program to help provide excellent patient care and enhance the residents ambulatory experience. Hospital rotations provide a wealth of clinical material.

As the fifth leading hospital in the nation for the number of admissions, Riverside Methodist Hospital presents residents with a wide variety of patient cases. In addition, the Family Medicine Residency has a contract with a rural health department Womens Health Clinic to provide care. There are additional elective experiences for residents who want to further their OB skills. Residents volunteer in the physicians free clinic and have international mission opportunities. Other sites for experience and education include Nationwide Children's Hospital, Whetstone Care Center, and two high schools for sports.

Our overall goal is to balance service with education, so that our residents acquire the best clinical foundation for future practice.  The Center for Medical Education and InnovationTM is a state-of-the-art simulation center targeted at enhancing resident and attending skills. It contains the Virtual Care Unit where procedures and protocals can be practiced as the "patient" is transfered from one level of care to another.