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Orthopedic Surgical Expertise

From minimally invasive surgery to total joint replacement, our physicians offer the level of care that’s right for you. Our goal is simple: to get you moving and keep you moving.

OhioHealth Physician Group orthopedic surgeons diagnose and surgically treat all bone, joint and muscular conditions. We offer minimally invasive procedures, as well as complex surgeries.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

We have surgeons specially trained to treat simple to complex foot and ankle conditions. Some of the procedures they excel in include:

  • Total ankle replacement
  • Foot, ankle, and lower extremity fracture treatment
  • Surgical repair of tendon injuries including Achilles tendon
  • Bunions, hammertoes, and forefoot deformity correction
  • Ankle arthroscopy
  • Ligament reconstruction and ankle instability
  • Reconstruction of foot deformities including flat foot deformity
  • Fusion procedures for arthritis of the foot and ankle

OhioHealth Physician Group also has podiatric surgeons who can treat your foot and ankle pain. Learn more about OhioHealth Physician Group podiatric surgeons here.

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Hand, Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder Surgery

Our surgeons have training and board certification to treat the critical nerves, muscles and bones in your hands and wrists. They are experts in understanding the complex movements required by the tendons and ligaments in your elbows and shoulders. Here are some of the procedures our orthopedic upper extremity surgeons excel in:

  • Hand and microsurgery
  • Arthroscopic shoulder surgery
  • Wrist or elbow joint replacement surgery
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Reverse shoulder replacement
  • Upper extremity fractures
  • Wrist, elbow and shoulder arthroscopy

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Hip Surgery

When hip surgery is needed, every patient will benefit from our orthopedic surgeons’ expertise to identify your underlying hip condition and offer the treatment option that’s best for you. Some of the procedures our surgeons excel in include:

  • Arthroscopic hip surgery
  • Hip fractures
  • Hip replacement
  • Hip replacement – anterior approach
  • Robotic-assisted hip replacement
  • Revision hip surgery

Our hip surgeons work with rheumatologists to treat osteoporosis and other conditions. We also work with nonsurgical orthopedic experts to provide specialized conservative treatment that can delay or avoid surgery.

We have the specialized expertise to treat patients of all ages and hip conditions, such as:

  • Younger active adults experiencing the first signs of hip pain, who want a treatment option to maintain a high level of function 
  • Not-so-young adults seeking  treatment for pain due to chronic osteoarthritis

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Joint Replacement Surgery

From minimally invasive joint replacement procedures to complex joint reconstruction, we have the specialized expertise for your joint replacement in the following areas: 

  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle

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Joint Replacement Surgery - Robotic-Assisted 

OhioHealth Physician Group has orthopedic surgeons specially trained for hip and knee replacement surgery using the precision of a robotic arm.

After a consultation with your surgeon to determine whether you are a candidate for robotic-assisted joint surgery, the process begins with a CT scan of your knee or hip, which is used to create a 3-D virtual model of the joint. This model allows the surgeon to develop a plan before the actual surgery takes place. In the operating room, the surgeon guides the robotic arm to achieve extreme precision for your joint replacement. 

Potential benefits of using the MAKO® robot are:

  • Exceptional robotic precision, which allows the physician to determine the exact amount of unhealthy tissue to be removed and accurately balances that with the amount of healthy tissue that should remain in the joint
  • More natural feeling of the joint
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Quicker return to the activities you enjoy most

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Knee Surgery

When you come to an OhioHealth Physician Group orthopedic knee surgeon, we’ll take the time to understand your goals and find a treatment option that helps you meet them — whether you’re a young active adult who wants to get back in the game quickly or a not-so-young adult who wants to keep up with the grandkids.

Some procedures our surgeons excel in include:

  • Arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Partial knee replacement (unicompartmental knee replacement) 
  • Total knee replacement
  • Robotic-assisted knee replacement
  • Revision knee surgery

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Spine Surgery

OhioHealth Physician Group has orthopedic spine surgeons who combine innovation and skill to diagnose and treat your back, neck and spine pain. Whether you need minimally invasive care or a complex procedure, such as a spinal fusion or revision surgery, our surgeons can help restore your mobility and get you back to doing the things you love.

Here are some of the conditions our surgeons excel in:

  • General spine conditions
  • Spinal deformities
  • Fractures
  • Spondylitis
  • Cervical spine (neck) conditions
  • Fractures
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated discs
  • Thoracic spine (mid-back) conditions
  • Kyphosis
  • Fractures of the spine
  • Lumbar spine (lower back) conditions
  • Degenerative discs
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated discs

We treat a wide range of patients, such as:

  • Younger active adults experiencing a back injury who are seeking minimally invasive treatment options to continue life with a high level of function 
  • Not-so-young adults who need surgical treatment to maintain mobility and function

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Sports Medicine Surgery

OhioHealth Physician Group has orthopedic surgeons who are focused on treating your sport-specific injury, no matter what your age or level of play. Some of the sports medicine procedures our surgeons excel in include:

  • Arthroscopic knee surgery (meniscus tears)
  • Ligament repair (ACL, MCL)
  • Shoulder injuries (rotator cuff injuries, labral tears)

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