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Otolaryngology - Doctors Hospital

Otolaryngology - Doctors Hospital

Program Director            Residency Program Consultant            Length of Residency            Positions  
Wayne K. Robbins, DO, FAOCO   Tashianna Sullivan
(614) 544.1795
  5 years   1 per year  


NRMP Program Code: 2122280C0

Why Choose Otolaryngology at Doctors Hospital?

Our residency program will bring you up to speed smoothly, with guidance from the best minds in the field.


Residency Program Overview

The Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery residency program based at Doctor's Hospital in Columbus Ohio affords the prospective resident training in general Otolaryngology and Oro-facial plastic surgery. A state-of-the-art clinical facility located within the confines of the hospital provides not only well equipped diagnostic clinical exam rooms, but also a comprehensive audiologic and vestibular laboratory, an allergy-immunology clinic and a voice and swallow department providing services which include videostroboscopy examinations with surgical/medical follow up and FEES testing with appropriate follow up care. A weekly resident clinic is also provided for patient evaluation and care management 

An extensive faculty dedicated to resident training permits residents to gain valuable general ENT surgical training in all facets of otolaryngology including pediatric ENT, rhinologic surgery, trauma and facial plastic surgery and neurotology. For more comprehensive Head and Neck surgical exposure, pediatric ENT and otologic surgery, outside of a community hospital setting, the residents have dedicated out rotations at the University of Cincinnati for additional clinical and surgical training during their residency years.

Throughout the five year resident training program, various educational seminars and hands-on labs occur throughout the year both on campus and nearby Ohio University Educational centers (including the Ohio State University). These sessions provide unique clinical and surgical updates in Otology, Rhinology, Laryngology, Plastic surgery and Medical research.

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