Athletic Performance Clinic
Athletic Performance Clinic

Athletic Performance Training

Training that’s personalized to you

More than just training, our clinicians analyze your biomechanical movements to help you avoid injury or return to peak performance after having an injury — all in a one-on-one setting fully focused on your unique goals.

Regain or retain movement fundamentals

Our experienced athletic trainers can guide you through recovery for a safe return to sports and physical activities. 


Range of motion | Flexibility | Strength | Stability | Balance | Power

Types of training we provide

Personal Training

One-on-one, partner or small group training sessions that improve performance and teach athletes how to properly use weight training equipment.

“Get Back in the Game” Training

One-on-one, sport-specific therapeutic exercises that bridge the gap following physical therapy to peak performance.

“Stay in the Game” Training

One-on-one, partner or small group training sessions designed for uninjured athletes who want to limit the risk of injury and improve performance. Focuses include biomechanical movement efficiency, refining form and technique, designing a safe strength training program and more.

Balance Training & Fall Prevention

One-on-one introduction to leading a safe active lifestyle and preventing fall injuries. Focuses include functional mobility, building strength, improving balance and gait training to decrease fall risk, and improving your movement with daily activities.

Featured clinicians

Amy Harrison

Certified as a licensed athletic trainer, Amy helped design — and now leads — the OhioHealth Runner's Clinic and Bike Clinic. An avid runner herself, she enjoys working with athletes of all ages and abilities to help them reach their goals. She provides injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement for a variety of sports.

Herm Hundley

Certified as an athletic trainer since 2012, Herm specializes in the rehabilitation and prevention of baseball and softball injuries — working with athletes of all ages. He brings extensive experience in pediatric sports rehabilitation and industrial rehabilitation, as well as on-field experience with NCAA Division-1 softball, soccer, and track and field.

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