Shelby Hospital
Shelby Hospital

Our Healthcare Team at Shelby Hospital

Learn about the team of physicians and medical professionals at our Hospital.

The team at OhioHealth Shelby Hospital is committed to providing quality healthcare for patients in Richland County. We believe in bringing you the level of care you deserve, close to home, with our team of experts.

Great Care Starts With Our Team of Great Physicians

At OhioHealth Shelby Hospital, our physician team in north central Ohio provides experienced and compassionate care in numerous specialties. Whether you are looking for emergency care or joint replacement, Shelby Hospital physicians are committed to helping you stay well.

Our multidisciplinary team delivers comprehensive, high-level care. Our team includes board-certified, fellowship-trained specialists with varied areas of expertise.

Here at Shelby Hospital — and through our smart-technology video communications system — we collaborate with everyone on your team, including an extensive network of OhioHealth doctors, specialists and subspecialists.

Our healthcare professionals contribute diverse skills and experience. Depending on your condition, your Shelby Hospital care team may include cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation therapists and other experts.

During your stay, you’re likely to see more than one hospitalist. These doctors specialize in caring for hospitalized patients. They’ll communicate with you and with each other to direct and respond to your health and medical needs.

Health professionals who may contribute to your care include:

Advanced Practice Providers

Specialists with advanced training who work closely with your doctor to address complex medical situations. Examples include nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Environmental Services Associates

Team members who tend to and manage the cleanliness, health and safety of your room and surroundings.


Doctors who specialize in caring for people who are hospitalized. During your stay, you’ll see more than one hospitalist. They work as a team to direct and respond to your health and medical needs during your stay.

Lab Technicians

Professionals who draw blood, collect tissue and body fluid samples, and perform microscopic tests of blood, tissue and fluids under the supervision of a medical technologist or doctor. Your doctor will use these test results to diagnose and treat your condition.

Medical Social Services

Also known as Case Management or Social Works are patient and family advocates who work as part of your care team. They can assist in various ways, from finding needed information and resources to counseling in times of emotional distress.


Specially trained and educated healthcare professionals who collaborate closely with your doctors. They’ll take a hands-on role in delivering compassionate and expert care, from admission through follow-up.

Occupational Therapists

Healthcare specialists who provide therapies that can improve your ability to develop or improve basic abilities needed for everyday activities to live and work.

Personal Care Assistants

Professionals who provide basic nursing care under the supervision of a nurse. Their role may include taking vital signs, assisting with daily activities, recording medical chart information, and communicating with other providers to ensure continuity of care.

Physical Therapists

Healthcare specialists who help improve or restore your ability to move freely, including muscle and joint function, after illness or injury.


Doctors licensed to practice medicine who will collaborate with other doctors, specialists and teams while directing your care – from diagnosis, testing and treatment plans through recovery.

Respiratory Therapists

Healthcare professionals who are skilled in treating individuals with breathing problems, such as asthma or pneumonia.

Speech-Language Therapists

Specialists who treat disorders that affect your ability to speak, understand and communicate with others.