Community Health Needs Assessment for Shelby Hospital

Assessment of Richland County Health Needs

OhioHealth Shelby Hospital is pleased to present its Community Health Needs Assessment for Richland County. We are confident this assessment presents an excellent summary of the health needs of the community we serve. Shelby Hospital is committed to improving the health of those we serve, which is why we are passionate about meeting the needs within the community.

Shelby Hospital has developed implementation strategies to meet the needs identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment.

OhioHealth and Shelby Hospital will continue to provide substantial community benefit by improving quality of care, increasing access to care and enhancing healthcare services to our community, patients and their families. We look forward to working with community partners to address these needs.

2019 Shelby Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF)

2016 Shelby Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF)

2014 Shelby Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF)

Contact Information

For more information about Shelby Hospital's Community Health Needs Assessment, please contact Shawna Bosse Davis, System Vice President of Community and Government Relations for OhioHealth at (614) 544.4423,

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Community Served by Shelby Hospital

OhioHealth Shelby Hospital is located at 199 W. Main Street, Shelby, Ohio 44875. In developing this Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), we identified the “community served” by Shelby Hospital as the residents of Richland County. The communities reside in the following zip codes:

  • 44903
  • 44906
  • 44907
  • 44905
  • 44904
  • 44902
  • 44875
  • 44813
  • 44843
  • 44822
  • 44878
  • 44901
  • 44862
  • 43349

Review of OhioHealth internal data has shown that for 2011, 80.2 percent of all Shelby Hospital admissions resided in Richland County at the time of admission. View the zip codes and communities considered within Richland County.

Process of Obtaining Data

In 2011, Richland County developed a survey using structured questionnaires to collect health-related data for adults (19 years and older), youth (12 to 18 years old), and children (0 to 11 years old). The Healthy Communities Foundation of the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio led the overall community health needs assessment, data collection, and inclusion of primary and secondary data.