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Employer Solutions

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Corporate Wellness Programs and Services

Well-being benefits your whole business

Improve the health of your people and promote productivity at the same time.


Health Screenings

OhioHealth brings health screenings into the workplace to improve employee health and well-being, productivity and your bottom line.

Biometric screenings

A team of clinicians provide on-site screenings directly to employees to help identify potential risk factors and provide education and follow-up recommendations.

A1C testing

The A1C test uses a finger stick to screen for risk of Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Flu vaccines

The flu vaccine is the best way to avoid getting sick, missing work and spreading the virus to others in the workplace. The average time for a flu vaccine is five to 10 minutes.

COVID vaccines

Having the COVID vaccine means your employees can better protect themselves against serious illness and lowers the risk of spreading it in the workplace. OhioHealth can provide on-site COVID vaccine clinics for employees and their family members.

Blood pressure check screenings

Most people don't show signs of high blood pressure. On-site blood pressure screenings can help identify a problem early, help manage those with chronic hypertension and provide educational information.

Inbody Analysis

A portable, step-on machine compares a person’s body mass, muscle, water and body-fat composition. An instant report is provided to the employee with a body composition analysis indicating if they are within, below or above a normal range.


The OhioHealth mobile mammography unit delivers the same safety, privacy, accuracy and quality you’ll find at all of our clinical locations.

Wellness Programs and Education Sessions

We offer a variety of on-site, in-person and live virtual options to complement your company’s wellness strategy. Our programs focus on nutrition, fitness, emotional well-being and lasting lifestyle changes.

OhioHealth Web Portal

Powered by WebMD, The OhioHealth web portal empowers employees to recognize their health risks, set goals, take action, and view progress toward earning incentives.

OhioHealth Employer Solutions

We believe in building a culture of wellness together – one employee at a time.