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Employer On-Site Health Clinics

The care you need, exactly where you need it

We bring healthcare to your workplace, saving you and your employees time and money.

Build a culture of health

On-site clinics establish healthy employees and strong results. Hear from Jose Santos, PT, MPT, on the foundational ways we sustain healthy workplaces and communities.


Our employer on-site health clinics provide convenient access to occupational medicine, deliver preventive care services to your employees, and support workplace safety, compliance and wellness.

  • Customizable services to suit your specific employee health and wellness needs.
  • Convenient medical care for your employees.
  • Minimizes loss of productivity.
  • Reduces reliance on more expensive urgent care or emergency care.
  • Helps you maximize the value of your healthcare dollar.

Create the clinic that works for you

OhioHealth Employer Solutions

We believe in building a culture of wellness together – one employee at a time.