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Our spine surgeons have the backbone to know when not to operate.

find a doctorview our locationsBecause at OhioHealth, our comprehensive spine program focuses on finding the best treatment plan for you, and the back pain you want to go away.

WE understand the life-changing effects of back pain -- how it limits daily activities and keeps you from doing the things you enjoy.  We also understand the importance and advantages of a conservative approach to treating that back pain, offering a comprehensive spine care program with non-surgical options that include medical management and physical therapy, along with our advanced surgical options.

We are dedicated to improving function and decreasing pain for patients with spine conditions. Our spine specialists are located at OhioHealth facilities throughout central Ohio, convenient to where you work and live.

Our Treatment Plan Considers Non-Surgical Options

80% of our spine patients get well with non-surgical options.

Many spine conditions can be treated successfully without surgery.  At OhioHealth, we work closely with you to find the right solution for your condition, and that includes exploring non-surgical options that may include but are not limited to:

  • physical and occupational therapy
  • osteopathic manipulation
  • injection therapy
  • massage
  • acupuncture

Best Surgical Options

Play Video: Marilyn's StoryShould your condition not respond to non-surgical treatment during a reasonable period of time, our spine surgeons will work closely with you to determine the best surgical options.

We can even fix previous spine surgeries that didn't work, and return you to your best health.

Our spine surgeons in both neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery are experts in minimally invasive techniques that are safe and effective, spare muscle tissue and require only small incisions. This includes the minimally invasive lateral access spinal lumbar fusion procedure that can treat conditions such as:

  • degenerative disc disease
  • recurrent disc herniation
  • osteomyelitis
  • discitis

Other conditions treated include but are not limited to:

  • fractures
  • low back pain
  • spinal deformities
  • osteoporosis
  • spinal injuries

Download this PDF guide for detailed information about pre- and post-surgery care. It includes information about:

  • Preparing for surgery
  • About surgery
  • After surgery

Orthopedic Physical And Occupational Therapy

Spine care focuses on assessing and treating individual needs in regard to mobility, flexibility, alignment and strength.

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Spine Patient Education Guide

This OhioHealth patient guide is designed to make it easier for you and your family before, during and after spine surgery. This guide will serve as a resource for answering your questions.

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