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Medical Weight Management

Weight Management

Medical Weight Management

Medical Weight Management at OhioHealth

We Share Your Weight Loss Journey Every Step of the Way

At OhioHealth, our weight management program offers effective and safe options to help you lose weight. Our program is medically supervised by our dedicated team of physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians, psychologists and exercise physiologists. It is designed to help patients achieve weight loss through diet, exercise, behavioral changes and medication changes if appropriate.

Your Personalized Weight Loss Journey

We take a holistic approach to weight loss, giving you the support you need before, during and after your treatment to help you maintain a healthy weight for life. To enroll in the program, simply call (614) 566-2700.

A member of our team will answer any questions you have, and review which services are billed to insurance and which services will be paid by out-of-pocket. If this program is right for you, you’ll complete a new patient packet that will help us customize your weight loss program.

After completing your new patient packet, our team will call you to schedule your enrollment visit. During your enrollment visit, you can expect one-on-one meetings with program experts. You will meet with a provider for a detailed weight and medical history, physical exam, and review of test results. You will also meet individually with a dietitian to review a personalized meal plan.


What to Expect at your Enrollment Appointment


Our program uses InBody technology to quickly and accurately measure fat mass, muscle mass, body fat percentage, and basal metabolic rate. InBody devices use an advanced form of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) with a combination of Direct Segmental Measurements and Multi-frequencies to measure body composition. Our exercise physiologist will review these results with you and you will receive a copy of your results for your records. As you reach different milestones, you may repeat your body composition to show your progress. The clinical team will also use this information in the creation of your individualized plan.


You will meet with one of our medical providers for a one hour visit to review your current health conditions and medications, eating and weight change history, lab values, activity levels, and other contributing factors such as sleep and emotional health. The provider will use the information gathered during this visit to establish an individualized plan for your success which may include medication changes, setting daily calorie targets, and facilitating the connections with the rest of the multi-disciplinary team.


After your provider visit, you will collaborate with your dietitian to create a personalized meal plan for you. The plan will be guided by the provider recommendations, your health conditions, and your personal preferences. You may receive education on meal planning, calorie targets, macros, and strategies to succeed.

Additional engagement, education and accountability


The next step is to meet one on one with an exercise physiologist for a goal setting appointment. The exercise physiologist will learn about your exercise history, things you enjoy, and any current limitations or barriers to exercise. The EP will help to develop activity goals to maintain or increase your muscle mass during your weight loss journey.


To help your weight loss journey you may schedule one to three appointments with our psychologists to provide support in behavior change related to stress management, adequate sleep, coping strategies, and to improve your relationship with food. If you and your provider agree that behavioral health services beyond these appointments may be beneficial, they will provide you with resources.


After you complete your intake visits, the next step is to attend one of our Core Concepts classes. Core Concepts is a virtual class that is offered twice monthly. It is a 90 minute class that is taught by our team of expert clinicians, including a dietitian, a psychologist, and an exercise physiologist. You will learn foundational concepts that are important for anyone starting a medical weight loss journey. The class will also provide you the chance to learn more about our weekly class series, meet more of our team, connect with other participants, and ask any questions about our program.


One of the keys to long term success and a hallmark of our program is the ongoing education, accountability, and support you receive in the weekly class series. You will have the option to select a class time that works with your schedule. Classes are taught by a dietitian, exercise physiologist, or a psychologist. Our curriculum covers essential learning topics you will need to successfully lose weight and keep it off. The weekly classes are designed to be both educational and conversational in nature. You will form relationships with the health professionals and other participants in your class which will motivate and encourage you to succeed.


To get started, complete the new patient packet, and email it to or fax to (614) 566-6776. 

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