Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

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Sleep Disorders Program at OhioHealth

Sleep problems? We can help.

Our sleep specialists can help you overcome your sleep disorder and get the rest you need. In some cases, a physical exam and medical history can reveal what is interfering with your sleep. For other people, a sleep study is the best way to uncover if the cause is sleeplessness.

Studying Your Sleep

Our sleep studies are done in a comfortable, private suite with a television, recliner and private bathroom. You'll sleep in a dark, quiet room while your breathing, brain waves and movements are monitored with non-invasive devices. We can schedule your appointment for a time that's convenient for you. Our sleep centers provide overnight and daytime studies as well as in home options.

Overnight Study

The basic sleep study is called a polysomnogram. During this study the door to your room will be closed and the lights, television and other devices turned off. You can use the bathroom during the night. If you need assistance with anything, a technician is there to help. In the morning you can shower before you leave the center.

Daytime Studies

Your sleep specialist may also recommend a study called the multiple sleep latency test (MSLT). This study is done to determine how sleepy you are during the day. You’ll wear monitoring devices while you lie down for five naps spaced throughout the day. You can walk around between naps.

Some people also have the maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT), which is used to measure how alert you are during the day. In four, 40-minute trials, you’ll sit in a bed in a semi-reclining position and try to stay awake as long as possible.

Treating the Problem

A sleep center physician will evaluate the results of your sleep study and discuss treatment options with you at your follow-up visit. Your primary care physician will also review your test results.

Personalized Care

While many people have sleep disorders, each person’s situation is different. At OhioHealth we make sure you have the treatments that fit your specific sleep problem, and we stay with you until you are getting healthy, restful sleep.