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Support for Neuroscience Patients

Helping Patients and Families Stay Connected

At OhioHealth, caring for neuroscience patients and their families goes beyond a hospital stay or office appointment. We provide patient and community access to organizations, support groups, wellness classes and educational events throughout Ohio to help you manage your neurologic condition and bring people together. 

Where Clinical Care Meets Supportive Care

Coping with a neurologic condition and improving your quality of life takes more than medication. It involves finding people and resources who will set you up for success and support you along the way. OhioHealth is here to help you make that connection.

Our neuroscience patient support resources work hand-in-hand with OhioHealth neuroscience clinical programs, clinics and care teams to support you from every angle as you navigate a new diagnosis or manage long-term effects of your condition.

Dempsey Family Education and Resource Center

Our multidisciplinary team can help you and your loved ones better understand and manage your neurologic condition in person and virtually. They will also share questions to ask your care team and put you in touch with local resources.

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Classes and Support Groups

OhioHealth offers weekly classes and support groups for neuroscience patients and their families. Try art or music therapy, or join a stroke recovery support group. There’s something for everyone!

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