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Heart Failure Clinical Trials

Advancing heart failure care with promising new therapies

Review active heart failure clinical trials at OhioHealth, the criteria for participation, and the steps to sign up.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many clinical trials are paused. Any active heart failure clinical trials will be posted here.

GUIDE-HF clinical trial

The OhioHealth Research Institute is participating in the GUIDE-HF clinical study of the CardioMEMS HF System, led by principal investigator Anupam Basuray, MD.

When you have heart failure, your heart muscle can’t effectively pump enough oxygen-rich blood to meet your body’s needs. This can cause fluid buildup and increased pressure in your pulmonary artery and lungs, even though you may not notice the symptoms.

The CardioMEMS HF System measures these pressures and sends them to your healthcare provider wirelessly, so they can identify the silent symptoms of advancing heart failure and take steps to control it before it gets worse.

The CardioMEMS HF System is the only FDA-approved pulmonary artery pressure monitoring system available today. Over 11,000 patients have received it since 2014. Prior studies have shown that when a patient’s heart failure is managed with the system, they have improved quality of life and a reduction in heart failure hospitalizations.

You may qualify for this new trial to better manage your heart failure symptoms remotely from home. Interested in learning more? Call the OhioHealth Research Institute at (614) 566.1250 or review the trial details and requirements at clinicaltrials.gov.