The Pickerington Surgery Center is located inside the Pickerington Medical Campus. The center provides patients and families with a unique outpatient surgery experience, with the number one focus on patient care. Each surgeon is board certified and credentialed, and the nursing staff is among the most highly trained and experienced in the area.

For more information about the Pickerington Surgery Center, please call (614) 604.7444.

Pickerington Surgery Center Physicians



Colon and Rectal Surgery
Pedro Aguilar, MD
Joshua M. Braveman, MD
David Giammar, MD
Bruce Kerner, MD
Peter Lee, MD

Laurence Entsuah, MD
Gordon Kim, DO
Jeffrey Lefkovitz, MD
Tasos Manokas, DO
Adam Tzagournis, MD
John Tzagournis, MD
Michael Tzagournis, MD

General Surgery
Mark Davanzo, MD
Kristin Ryan, DO

Martin Taylor, DO, PhD

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Steven Balaloski, MD
Michelle Birkenholz, DO
Andrew Bokor, MD
Dorothy Friday, MD
Richard Marger, MD
Erin Olah, MD
Stephen Richards, MD
Cherie Richey, MD
Monica Wirrig, DO
Justin Weprin, MD
Nicole Zochowski, MD

Orthopedic Surgery
Carl Berasi, DO
Michael Cannone, DO
Nicholas Cheney, DO
Rodney Comisar, MD
Paul DeGenova, DO
Jeffrey Gittins, DO
Mark Gittins, DO
Timothy Iorio, MD
Ryan Klinefelter, MD
Keith LaDu, DO
Lisa Lowery, MD
Jeremy Mathis, DO
Gary Millard, DO
Robert Nowinski, DO
Desmond Stutzman, DO
Raymond Tesner, DO
David Vaziri, MD
Randall Wroble, MD

Michael Skeels, DO

Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery

Walter Bernacki, MD
Joseph Minarchek, MD
Haruko Okada, MD
Mark Preston, MD
Anne Taylor, MD

Eric Cwynar, DPM
Michael Fracassa, DPM
Scott Gurwin, DPM
Elizabeth Hewitt, DPM
Timothy Holmes, DPM
Christopher Walker, DPM
Cheryl Weiner, DPM
Richard Weiner, DPM
E. Donald Zoog, DPM

Ying Chen, DO
David Kim, MD
Carolyn Neltner, MD
Daryl Sybert, DO
Larry Todd, DO

Roger Amigo, DO
Roy Brown, Jr., MD
Jeffrey Carey, MD
William Gianakopoulos, MD
Benjamin Martin, MD
Rashmi I. Patel. MD
Frederick Taylor, MD