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  • To receive comprehensive therapy for my shoulder injury
  • To work with a team of therapists who regularly measure my pain and teach me ways I can take recovery into my own hands
  • To use advanced equipment that helps me focus on the day I can return to the golf course

Our Orthopedic Physical And Occupational Therapy (PT & OT) staff work with patients of all ages to reduce pain, increase function and return them to an active lifestyle. Our comprehensive program includes treatment for a range of conditions, with a specialization in upper and lower extremities, spine and sports medicine.

Physical Therapy: 

  • Advanced techniques and innovative technologies to help patients improve their gait, balance and mobility
  • Foot and ankle specialists treat functional limitations associated with the lower extremities
  • Spine care focuses on assessing and treating individual needs in regard to mobility, flexibility, alignment and strength

 Occupational Therapy: 

  • Focuses on returning patients to their daily activities by addressing pain or mobility impairments of the upper extremities
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Some of the common conditions treated by PT & OT Therapy are:
 Sports injuries
Fractures and dislocations
Sprains and strains
Custom splints & orthotics
Spine conditions
Degenerative conditions
Overuse syndromes
Post-surgical conditions
Joint replacements
Postural deficiencies

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