During your cardiac rehabilitation at OhioHealth, you will have a team of health care professionals who will work with you to understand and practice a safe and effective health plan.

OhioHealth Facilities Offering Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Learn about McConnell Cardiac Rehabilitation

OhioHealth's McConnell Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is set up in a system of phases beginning shortly after a patient suffers from a heart attack or heart-related disease. Health professionals evaluate the patient's lifestyle and develop a customized exercise regimen tailored to their recovery process.

Admission is by a physician's referral, and, in most cases, is covered by insurance. The program is available at all the above-listed locations, except Grant Medical Center- see Grant's program below.

To participate in the program, call the cardiac rehabilitation program administrator at (614) 566-4519. The Program Administrator will work with you to obtain a doctor's order and insurance approval as well as assist you in making your appointments to begin cardiac rehabilitation at a location convenient to you.

Attend a cardiac rehabilitation information session

McConnell Heart Health Center
3773 Olentangy River Road
Wednesdays 9:30 -10:30 a.m.

No registration is necessary

Learn about Grant Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation

Grant Medical Center provides a phased approach to cardiac rehabilitation to help you build a heart-healthy mindset for life.

  • Phase I: Rehabiliation begins before you leave Grant Medical Center and is a personalized program designed for all cardiac inpatients, including post-myocardial infarction (Heart attack) with angioplasty, stent placement, open-heart surgery and those with heart failure.
  • Phase II: This is an outpatient program of exercise and education designed to help patients modify their lifestyle and reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
  • Phase III/IV: This is an independent exercise program that Phase II participants graduate to as they develop expertise in heart-healthy exercise and education.

To contact the program adminstrator for the Grant Medical Center outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program, please call (614) 566-8311.

Learn about Grant Medical Center Vascular Rehabilitation

Patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) have the opportunity to improve their vascular health through significant changes in diet, activity level and other lifestyle choices. The Grant Vascular Rehabilitation and Wellness Center overseen by Grant's vascular physicians offers assistance to vascular patients launching a healthy lifestyle.

To find out more about our vascular rehabilitation program, call Central Ohio Vascular Services at (614) 566-9035.