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The OhioHealth Wellness Blog

The OhioHealth Wellness Blog shares all the ways you can stay healthy. You'll find expert advice on health conditions, tips on healthy living, fitness and nutrition information and more.

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The Wellness Conversation

Welcome to The Wellness Conversation – an OhioHealth Podcast, with your hosts, Marcus Thorpe and Missy Gleason. Dive into the heart of health and wellness in Columbus and its surrounding regions. Our mission? Making it simple for you to discover the keys to a healthier life, right in your backyard.

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  • Expert Insights: With OhioHealth experts at the helm, get a firsthand take on the latest in health news and trending wellness topics.
  • Local & Relatable: This isn’t just a podcast; it's a conversation among neighbors – these are health topics that touch home.
  • Balanced Blend: We promise not just to educate but also to entertain. From basic health nuggets to deep dives into specialized topics, we strike the perfect chord between information and intrigue.
  • Every episode underscores OhioHealth’s commitment to the community — establishing it not just as a beacon of healthcare information but also as a friend in the neighborhood.
  • Join Marcus and Missy as they unlock the secrets of healthier living, one episode at a time. Together, let's redefine wellness in Ohio.
  • The Wellness Conversation: Empowering Ohioans for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

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The OhioHealth Newsroom is a space for journalists and community members to stay up-to-date with OhioHealth’s news and announcements.

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