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Quality and Safety Fellowship - Riverside Methodist Hospital

Medical Education

Quality and Safety Fellowship - Riverside Methodist Hospital

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Quality and Safety Fellowship - Riverside Methodist Hospital

Learn Practical Skills for Solving Care Challenges

The Quality and Safety Fellowship at Riverside Methodist Hospital is a one-year program that accepts up to two physicians each year. As a fellow, you will learn principles of quality improvement and patient safety you can apply in any medical setting, including leadership and faculty roles.

Why Choose Quality and Safety at Riverside Methodist Hospital

Our fellowship program is designed to bring you up to speed smoothly, while learning from the best minds in the field.


A Curriculum Decided by Your Career Goals

Diverse Learning
Gain knowledge and experience through a variety of didactic teaching formats and hands-on practice.

Explore opportunities to become a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality or Patient Safety, or a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer. 

Network with quality and safety leaders at OhioHealth to build lasting relationships that will shape your career.

What Our Fellows Say

“This fellowship offered an opportunity to learn the principles of quality improvement and patient safety in order to enact effective change, as well as be involved in medical education and hospital administration.”

Katie Baxter, DO

“This fellowship not only changed the trajectory of my career, it changed the way that I approach problem-solving and teaching in every aspect of my work as a physician and leader.”

Joseph Gladwell, MD

How We Will Support You

Our strong curriculum and unmatched experiences will be sure to set you up for success. But that’s not all. You will be supported by talented faculty, develop long-term friendships, and have resources available to you that can only be found at an organization like OhioHealth.

Rotation Opportunities

Your core curriculum will include work in the following areas:

  • Improvement science
  • Quality improvement
  • Patient safety
  • Health system operations
  • Leadership
  • Faculty development

Fellows who take a deeper dive into faculty development will:

  • Learn teaching skills and curriculum design, implementation and evaluation.
  • Teach residents and mentor their quality improvement and patient safety projects to completion.
  • Complete the OhioHealth Junior Faculty Development course.

Fellows who take a deeper dive into leadership training will:

  • Attend hospital and system quality improvement and patient safety committee meetings, clinical guidance councils, kaizen events, safety rounds, conferences and Medical Operation Team meetings.
  • Complete the OhioHealth Physician Leadership Academy.

Our culture at OhioHealth is one of our greatest strengths. We operate as a family, and you will find a high level of camaraderie among OhioHealth fellows and faculty physicians. Many of our faculty volunteer their time because they are passionate about physician education. They want to see you succeed and get the most out of your training.


We believe that wellness and resilience are imperative to being an effective physician. Riverside Methodist is a national leader in the provider wellness field. We regularly use the Mayo Clinic’s Well-Being Index to identify and address burnout and distress, provide a format for reflective groups, and offer proactive meetings with our Physician Health and Wellness group to help you manage stress.

Outcomes and Placement

Our fellows can be found within OhioHealth and across the United States. A high percentage of our fellows choose OhioHealth for their long-term career, having gained an appreciation for our culture and development opportunities.